Paragon & Propac Images Become One Company

Alabama-based Paragon and sister company Propac Images have officially merged, providing more opportunities for customers and enhanced synergy in manufacturing operations. Customers will now be able to order both Paragon and Propac brand items on a single order, which will be shipped together making it easier to purchase a mix of products from both lines.

While Paragon and Propac have always maintained joint showrooms, they operated independently from separate factories. Customers had an order minimum for each company and the orders were shipped separately.  With the merger, all employees, office operations, and manufacturing will be in one facility with raw materials storage in the other.

“We have a lot of customers who purchase both Paragon and Propac,” said Lendell Glassco, Paragon President. “They have often asked for the ability to order Paragon and Propac items on the same order and ship together.  When we started talking about benefits of merging the companies, this was huge motivating factor.”

Propac Images, which started in 1990 as a division of Paragon, manufactured smaller framed art pieces utilizing the scrap materials from Paragon’s larger items.  In 1991, Propac was incorporated as a new entity and moved into its own building and began expanding its line to include value-priced canvas, mirrors, and handcrafted items.

“With our production and staff moving to the Paragon facility, we are expecting to streamline our operations and increase our production efficiencies,” said Propac President Vince Glassco.  “We are excited at the possibilities that go along with becoming one company from both a technological and manufacturing standpoint.”

Modifications to the Paragon website and iPad app for sales representatives and showrooms will allow customers to shop Paragon and Propac brands individually or they can view combined products from both lines seamlessly.

“I am excited about all the design possibilities, with the ability to build collections across both brands” said Malanta Glassco-Knowles, VP/Marketing & Design. “Designers from both companies will be working together designing products that resonate in the marketplace.”

Paragon manufactures 95% of their product domestically, with a total of 216,000 square-feet in two facilities in Albertville, Alabama.

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