Schedule an exclusive video branding opportunity now for LIGHTOVATION  January 2018.

Introducing LIGHT Videos! What is an exclusive LIGHT video?

Each 1-minute, professionally shot and edited brand video is hosted by a well-known home shopping network guru (A max of 15 appointment slots available per show).   enLIGHTenment video shoots are only available at LIGHTOVATION January and June 2018. And space is limited (first-come, first-served basis).

How does it work?

  • Bravo Business Media’s experienced TV Host and professional team that will come directly to your showroom at LIGHTOVATION (January & June 2018)
  • Select your brand ambassador to be interviewed 
  • Prep an easy outline of key content & share it with us, prior to filming
  • Let us edit and create your custom video, then deliver you the finished brand video
  • BONUS audience & brand visibility with enLIGHTenment’s online video gallery for a while year!

8 simple reasons why enLIGHTenment videos are a great value:

  1. enLIGHTenment delivers with a professional videography team
  2. Create real-time brand buzz during video filming in your showroom
  3. Gain FRESH & NEW website content  
  4. Up your company’s social media outreach with new video content
  5. Allow field sales representatives to deliver a unified brand message with this digital sales tool
  6. Drive showroom traffic & engage visitors by looping your video(s) live 
  7. Further engage employees, looping video(s) @ corporate headquarters
  8. BONUS audience reach to enLIGHTenment’s digital readership as we post your video(s) on and our social media platforms!

Space is limited so respond quickly so that you don’t miss out on this great marketing opportunity.

For more information, contact:

Suzanne Rosick
800-774-9861 ext 683