Meet Bruce Bellwood: 2014 ALA Retailer Pillar of Industry

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During the official ceremony at this month’s ALA Conference, the recipients will talk about their backgrounds in the industry, but we took a fun approach to revealing what you don’t know about this year’s honorees.

The Pillar of the Industry awards recognize three ALA members – one for each category served by the ALA (manufacturers’ representatives, retail showrooms, and manufacturers) for their unique and meaningful service to advance the lighting industry plus the ALA’s program and mission during the previous 18 months. The award recipients are nominated by ALA members and the ALA staff and are selected by the ALA Awards Committee.

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Q. If I weren’t in lighting, my career would be

A. Professional athlete or astronaut.

Q. The best business advice someone in the lighting industry gave me

A. Lloyd Gottesman said, “It’s all about the gross margin.”

Q. The toughest challenge I faced working in this industry

A. The Internet.

Q. The best personal advice a family member gave me that I try to apply to my life

A. “Wake up with a smile – and keep it there.” 

Q. My favorite part of being in the lighting industry

A. Each and every day.

Q. I knew I was going to make it in this industry when

A. I understood my mother’s work ethic.

Q. I will retire when

A. I will never fully retire.

Q. What nugget of information did you learn at the last ALA Conference that has stuck with you

A. How small stores can play large.

Q. Being named a Pillar of the Industry makes me feel

A. Extremely fulfilled because it comes from my peers.

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