Nora Lighting Lights Mercedes-Benz in Torrance, Calif

An expensive car won’t look as appealing if it’s not seen in the best light.

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When it comes to luxury goods, details matter – and nowhere is this more apparent than in a high-end car dealership. Certainly the environment must be sophisticated, but it’s the finer points such as the depth of the finishes on the cars’ exteriors or the leather stitching inside that can make or break a sale.

When the Mercedes-Benz dealership in Torrance, Calif., was undergoing a major renovation, the owners wanted lighting that would enhance the buyers’ experience and save energy.

The solution was to outfit the 17,000-sq.-ft. space with Nora Lightings’ HID rail fixtures and CFL recessed downlights. In fact, nearly 200 feet of bendable Nora Rail was suspended from the 26-foot ceiling. Since the line-voltage system could handle up to 2400 watts on a single run, this was the ideal set-up for a mix of fixtures, depending on the specific site requirements.

Nora Lightings HID Rail Fixtures

Employing HID added “sparkle and shine” to the luxury cars, while the energy-efficient CFLs illuminated the overall showroom. To add visual interest, energy-smart low-voltage fixtures were placed on Nora Rails over the reception counters to bring light down closer to the buyers’ level.

The bendable Nora Rails were shaped in the field, producing the curves and swirls specified by the designer. Each rail head easily clamps onto the rail, allowing complete flexibility in lamp positioning and aiming.

Cables suspend the lightweight rails to the drop ceiling with cross bars. Having the cable lighting suspended puts aimable lighting closer to the cars, permitting the dealership to highlight specific amenities and special touches that cannot be achieved by relying on the more typical arrangement of overhead fixtures. Hard stem “stand-offs” are at the end of each rail to stabilize the units.

By using HID ceramic metal halide heads, the dealership was able to conserve energy without sacrificing the quality of illumination on such beautiful, high-end autos. Another benefit of the line-voltage system is that it allows the designer to incorporate low-voltage fixtures throughout, another opportunity for energy savings in this highly trafficked area of the showroom.

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