35th annual SOURCE Award Winner: Robert Singer & Associates

35th annual SOURCE Award Winner: Robert Singer & Associates


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Designed as an addition to the neighboring townhome, this high-end remodeling project embodies mountain rustic living at its finest. Large windows in the sitting room take advantage of the expansive views of the famous Vail Ski Resort. The interior of the unit, however, is just as beautiful.

The large central staircase that serves as the cornerstone of the project is designed to resemble an old mineshaft. The trims are painted to match the wood plank ceiling, minimizing the penetrations. A large chandelier is suspended from the skylight with an exposed pulley system that reinforces the mineshaft feel. The skylight is illuminated internally at night with perimeter uplighting mounted in the lower timbers. Architectural finishes such as stone and reclaimed timber realistically imbue the townhome with the warm, inviting look of a ski lodge.

Residential Lighting: 35th SOURCE Awards Winner Residential Lighting SOURCE Awards

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For general lighting, the design team at Robert Singer & Associates selected IRiS recessed downlights because of the product’s adjustability, the wide range of trim options available, plus the performance and reliability stats. In some areas of the residence, such as the wall where a sculpture stands, low-voltage track was added to solve structural challenges. The placement and quantity of fixtures was dictated by the limitations of the existing structure plus the restrictions from fire ratings. A lighting control system allows the fixtures to be dimmed to reduce energy usage and extend lamp life. The lighting scenes were set with the owner’s input for easy control of the common areas.

In addition to ambient lighting, downlights were used to accent artwork and architectural materials throughout the home, along with items of interest such as the coffee table and the game table. Decorative lamps fill out the remainder of the interior spaces with low-level lighting.

This is the second year in a row that Robert Singer & Associates has won a SOURCE award for one of the firm’s projects on Vail mountain.


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