Dallas Market Preview


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The January edition of Lightovation: Dallas International Lighting Show and the Dallas Total Home & Gift Market promises to deliver top-notch product across lighting and accessory categories.

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The AE3+ three-blade fan is the company’s bestseller and an international multi-award winner for design and efficiency. It furnishes a quiet, smooth, and even airflow suitable for both indoors and out. The fan is available in 3 sizes and 6 colors. www.aeratron.com

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The Forever Collection features stamped metal diamonds in a new French Gold matte finish. The sconce’s dimensional appearance adds an eye-catching detail to a wall, while its warm glow is perfect for ambient lighting in a living room or hallway. www.varaluz.com4507 TM

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Inspired by tropical flora and finished in Burnished Gold, Botanica’s orb is composed of lush, hand-carved metal leaves. Complete with the details on its stylized canopy, Botanica will bring the outdoors in. www.hinkleylighting.com  3210 TM

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With its simple, clean lines, the Mid-Century-inspired Pim Collection takes it cues from the soft, round shapes of the ’70s luxe aesthetic. The collection features a sconce, 2-, 3-, and 4-light bath, as well as 5-, 6-, and 7-light chandeliers. www.kichler.com

4103 TM

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The latest launch in the adorne Collection of switches and outlets includes the addition of dozens of vibrantly hued wall plates featuring the signature screwless look. The design of the plates makes them easy to install by simply snapping into the existing metal frame. www.legrand.us  4727 TM

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The modern 3-light linear Industro chandelier is shown in a Brushed Nickel finish with a stainless steel mesh shade. The industrial style of this piece is echoed in the Edison bulbs, which show through the mesh shade to provide an edgy touch. It’s also available in a Black finish. www.livexlighting.com.• 4503 TM

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The 12-light Autumn Twilight chandelier in Black Iron will be a conversation piece with its 40-inch diameter. Sculpted steel branches and clear cascading crystals create the illusion of a dewy forest canopy. The crystal-dripped boughs conceal and refract the light cast by bright candelabras. www.goldenlighting.com

4319 TM

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The 60-inch Crawford ceiling fan is inspired by windmills throughout the countryside. It features dual-length reversible Oak or Black Walnut blades with a Dark Nickel motor housing. An integrated LED light source provides energy-saving and long-lasting performance. Rated for indoor and outdoor spaces. www.vaxcel.com 3942 TM

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The Delilah Collection pays homage to iconic Mid-Century Modern lighting design. The Aged Brass chandelier features 9 generously sized glass spheres on a solid steel frame. Clear glass globes provide illumination, while the sleek, angular frame adds architectural style. www.avenuelighting.com3521 TM

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The adjustable Gianni pendant has double rings that provide both up and down illumination. Its 3000K LEDs complement the warm gold finish to create an inviting ambiance. www.pageonelighting.com

3920 TM

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The Kipling Collection merges traditional elegance with rustic charm. Grey wooden beads and a matching Brushed Grey finish on its metal frame coordinate perfectly, while the draping effect provides a romantic touch. www.canarm.com3934 TM

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Shown in a Copper and Matte White finish combo, the Ruffle sconce takes its inspiration from the layers of a ruffled dress. Available also in pendant varieties, the collection comes in a Polished Brass and Black combo, too. www.phillipscollection.com 1D106 IHDC

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Inspired by vintage automobile engines, the Medal Collection boasts a signature star motif on each fixture for added industrial character. The smooth metal shades curve to hold headlight-style glass diffusers for providing optimal task lighting. www.progresslighting.com

3840 TM

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The 9-light Marion chandelier features a mesh shade and wood frame and is equipped with 60-watt, E26 medium-base sockets. The fixture measures 44 1/4” high x 31 1/2” wide. A 6-light model is also available. www.callighting.com

4323 TM

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Inspired by the vivaciousness of a palm, the Naples Collection 11-light chandelier reinterprets the plant into a sculptural presentation of dramatic metal fronds interlaced with glass beading and crystal. The Matte Gold finish sharply defines the fronds’ edges and angles. www.elklighting.com3606 TM

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The Abii family – which started as a pendant collection – now has several vanity options in Vintage Bronze with Smoked Glass (shown) or Polished Chrome with Clear Glass. Three sizes are available. www.dainolite.ca4303 TM

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The Cursive is a graceful, fluid collection showcasing acrylic curves that dance around a center column or arch elegantly from a ceiling, offering a soft, even glow from within. Cursive offers preconfigured expressions, available in black metal with frosted lenses, or customizable options. www.kuzcolighting.com4010 TM

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The new Avant Garde lantern collection – available in 3 sizes – features a classic profile with a clear mouth-blown glass element. Inside, a 90 CRI Edison bulb operates with a universal voltage driver in the canopy. The lantern dims with ELV, TRIAC, and 0-10V dimmers. www.modernforms.com 3101 TM & 4808 TM

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The GS-117 is a contemporary outdoor solar pathway light that can be installed in various configurations. Attach the sleek, Minimalist lamp head to its post in three ways: corner, center, or side. Place this solar light in any area that receives at least 4-6 hours of direct sunlight each day and the light will shine at 80 lumens from dusk until dawn. Dual CCT control allows for either 2700K or bright 5000K light. www.gamasonic.com

4525 TM

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The Remy orb pendant takes Forged Bronze and wraps it in black rattan for a casual statement. The circle detailing adds an airy touch, allowing the light to shine through. www.crystorama.com  3503 TM

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The Samson beaded fixture takes boho modern style and turns it on its head with dark weathered wood beads and light wood framing for a two-tone look. This fixture is both vaulted- and sloped ceiling-compatible to add versatility in application. www.kenroyhome.com

4707 TM

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Spektrum Smart Lighting is a new Bluetooth Mesh-connected product line, providing instant lighting control that allows individual customization. The system features a versatile LED retrofit downlight in RGB and tunable white, which is controlled via the Spektrum Bluetooth app, Spektrum Bluetooth handheld/wall-mount remote control, or a smart hub.

4745 TM

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The Madison LED flush-mount by dweLED showcases Mid-Century Modern style in a choice of either a Brushed Nickel or Aged Brass finish. Featuring an internally sealed driver, this fixture is compatible with both ELV and TRIAC dimmers and is available in size options ranging from 16 to 28 inches. Up to 2,250 lumens are delivered from this 23-watt luminaire. www.waclighting.com3101 TM

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This Industrial-style pendant – #413-4S-BB-12CL – comes in 3 finishes: Brushed Brass, Satin Nickel, and Matte Black. Its 12” wide x 24” long glass shade is suspended by a heavy metal strap, giving it a modern feel. www.innovationslighting.com 3915 TM

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From the Bergamo Collection, this 6-light pendant is jewelry for your home. Decorated with rows of draped glass orbs, it’s finished in warm brass and topped off with an oversized bauble. www.savoyhouse.com

4901 TM

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In the Ponti Collection, Mid-Century Modern design shines. The two-tone Matte Black/New Brass finish refreshes this antique-inspired silhouette, while clear glass highlights the charm of the candelabra bulbs. Ponti comes in sconce, vanity, flush-mount and chandelier options, ready to brighten up the living room or bathroom. www.kalco.com3303 TM

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The Glacier sconce features a floating panel of thick artisan cast glass crafted using excess material from the domestic manufacturer’s glassblowing operations. Hand-polished steel – available in 8 finishes – is paired with the glass in a minimal modern style, while integrated LED light at the base of the panel is refracted by the glass. www.hammerton.com4523 TM

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The M1 LED downlight features a mini 3/4-inch aperture and 1 3/4-inch depth. The M1 has field-changeable plastic trims that easily attach to the threaded LED module. Four field-changeable optics are also available. Delivering 100 lumens, this mini 2-watt LED downlight is IC-rated and offered in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, or 4000K at 90+ CRI, requiring a 12V driver. www.noralighting.com

3709 TM

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Make a contemporary statement with this modern sculptural pendant, ACR-4207-FRST-MBLK. It features frosted acrylic accentuated by a sleek Matte Black metal finish. www.jdg.com3941 TM


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