High Point Market Shortens Duration, Changes Fall Dates

High Point Market Shortens Duration

The Executive Committee for the High Point Market Authority recently voted to uphold the Board of Director’s decision to change the official Market dates. Beginning in Spring 2016, High Point Market will open on its regular day of Saturday, but will close on Wednesday instead of Thursday.

Discussion on the subject began when the Executive Committee presented a proposal to the Board of Directors during their April 2015 meeting. Their recommendation was based on conversations with several retailers and exhibitors in multi-tenant buildings. The Board unanimously approved the proposal, but it was decided that the final decision would be postponed until a more comprehensive survey of exhibitors could occur. More than 85% of exhibitors responding to the one-question survey agreed with the decision to eliminate Thursday as the last day of Market.

“In recent years, we have noticed that attendance has been light on the Thursday at the end of market week, and buyers coming to shop that day have been frustrated by showrooms closing early. So the Board decided it would best to remove Thursday from the official schedule,” says Doug Bassett, President of Vaughan-Bassett Furniture and Chairman of the Market Authority Board. “We also recognize that the Friday before Market officially opens has become a significant day for many buyers and vendors. While we are not changing Saturday as the opening day, our literature will alert first-time attendees that they may be able to see some vendors if they make an appointment on Friday. These changes are our attempt to ensure that both buyers and vendors get the most out of their valuable time in High Point during each Market,” adds Bassett.

“As an exhibitor, I fully support this decision and see it as a positive thing,” comments Jeff Scheffer, President of Universal Furniture and Vice-Chairman of the Market Authority Board. “I think this is a way to take any negativity out of the end of Market, giving us five really strong days.”

In addition, the High Point Market Authority announced a date change for next fall’s 2016 High Point Market. In light of the Jewish holiday Yom Kippur on Tuesday, October 11, and Wednesday, October 12, the Fall 2016 Market has been moved from the original dates of October 15 to 19 to October 22 to 26.

The 2016 Market dates were originally chosen in 2007 and – as is protocol – were reviewed and approved by clergy from the major religions. Since then, however, Market trends and buyer activity has changed, pushing sales rep training to earlier in the week leading up to Market, thus creating a conflict. Out of respect for the Jewish calendar and those observing the holiday who travel to and work Market, the decision was made to move the dates by a week. (Dates for the Spring 2016 Market will remain unchanged, running April 16 to 20.)

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