IMC Announces 200+ New, Relocating, Expanding Exhibitors for Fall 2019 High Point Market

International Market Centers (IMC) announced that its High Point Market properties will welcome more than 200 new, expanding and relocating permanent showrooms and temporary exhibits at Fall 2019 High Point Market, running Oct. 19 – Oct. 23, 2019. In connection with this, IMC will host 23 ribbon-cutting ceremonies during Market.

“Product discovery is the biggest driver of buyers to market and IMC’s High Point properties showcase hundreds of new resources each year,” said Bob Maricich, Chief Executive Officer of IMC. “The unparalleled breadth and depth of resources, exciting new product introductions and top-notch educational and networking opportunities combine to make High Point Market the home furnishings industry’s must-attend event.”

IMC’s Fall High Point Market product offerings will be augmented by a robust slate of programming, including 18 seminars, 11 designer-led tours and numerous IMC-hosted events. Marketgoers can attend seminars in the Suites at Market Square Seminar Room on the Top Floor of the SAMS and in the Alden Parkes Seminar Room in the Hamilton Wrenn Design District. Events and tours will be held in various IMC properties across campus. A full seminar and event listing is available online at

IMC’s 16 properties in High Point include: 200/320/330 N. Hamilton St.; 129 S. Hamilton St; 300 E. Green St.; 300 S. Main St.; Commerce & Design Building (C&D); Furniture Plaza (FP); Historic Market Square (MS); International Home Furnishings Center (IHFC); Klaussner on Hamilton; Market Square Textile Tower (MST); National Furniture Mart (NFM); Plaza Suites (PS); Showplace (SP); and the Suites at Market Square (SAMS).

Following is an alphabetical listing of the 137 new companies debuting at Fall 2019 HPMKT:

1-800-PACK-RAT – SAMS T-510

2 Day Designs – SAMS M-1044

Abimovel – SAMS T-1215, 1217

Alma Artte – SAMS T-721

Aminco Home – SAMS M-7006

AntlerWorx – SAMS G-2027

Artecouro Leather Sofas – SAMS T-1110, 1112

Arther – SAMS G-6055 Salon

Arthur Court Designs – SAMS M-8053

Artmobil Furniture – SAMS T-405

Aydin Tekstil Ticaret Ve Pazarlama A.S. – MST 411

Barrier Island Rugs – SAMS M-6049

Bedford Collections/Kennebunk Home – IHFC H235

Belle Maison Textiles, Inc. – MST 630

Belle Meade Hospitality – SAMS T-478 HDS

Bertolini – SAMS T1200, 1201

Binh Phu Co., Ltd. – SAMS T-1103

Blest – SAMS T-402

Blue Orange Pottery – SAMS M-1026

Blue Print Collection – IHFC IH501 InterHall

Blue Ridge Home Fashions – PS 1-531A

Boda Acrylic LLC. – SAMS M-6048

Brazil Group – SAMS T-901

Bronze Godoy and Godoy Design Concepts – SAMS M-5025

Cane-line – IHFC IH311 InterHall

Carraro Furniture Ltd. – SAMS T-1206, 1207

Casartis – PS 1-559

Catstudio – SAMS G-3018

Chris Frick Photography – SAMS M-7002

Cilek Kids Room – SAMS M-1037

Cimino Home – SAMS M-6005

Clark Hall Doors – SAMS M-7045

Classic Brands – FP 510

Coohom – SAMS M-1011

Crate & Barrel – SAMS G-2033

Cristais Sao Marcos – SAMS T-1204, 1206

Culp Hospitality – SAMS T-463 HDS

Dai Thanh Furniture Joint Stock Co. – SAMS T-1003, 1005

David Bell Antiques – MS G-8 ADC

Dezaro – SAMS T-516

DMI – SAMS M-2041

Dôme Deco – IHFC IH407 InterHall

Domiziani America – SAMS M-2035

Domus Ventures America – SAMS M-2016

Dutchbone – IHFC IH304 InterHall

Eagle Enterprises – SAMS T-804

EK Reedy Furniture – SAMS M-7060

Ella Home, Inc. – IHFC H241

Ellie Proctor Antiques & Fine Things – MS G-13b ADC

Emuamericas – SAMS M-6010

FB Export – SAMS T-1010

Fibreworks – SAMS G-7010 Salon

Finestra Moveis – SAMS T-1203, 1205

Fire & Pine – SAMS T-612

Fire Pits UK – SAMS T-718

Forest Designs Furniture – SAMS M-7004

FoShan Aodeli (E-SHINNING) Metal Products Co., Ltd – SAMS T-315

Frankie Davidson Lighting and Accents – MS 288

Green Home Design – SAMS T-300

Greenhouse Fabrics – SAMS M-6002

Harmony/Linhome – SAMS M-2030

Heather Ashton Design – IHFC IH200 InterHall

HENN – SAMS T-1114, 1116

Hoang Hung Co., Ltd – SAMS T-902, 904, 906

Hobbs Design Germany – SAMS T-616

Home&Manor – SAMS M-1025

Hubbardton Forge – IHFC IH305 InterHall

Hurd & Bast – SAMS T-610

Ida Mae Home – SAMS M-5028

Imcal – SAMS T-1202, 1303

Interior Illusions + Plus – SAMS M-3041

iRest – SHOW 3424

J&J Photography – SAMS T-611

Jaipur Rughauz – SAMS T-728

J. Trouvé + CO – SAMS M-7019

Julie Vos – SAMS T-628

KSO Furniture – SAMS M-5034

Lechuza – SAMS T-801

Le Petit Tresor – MS G-13b ADC

Liber Design – SAMS T-900, 1001

Liza Hathaway Matthews Art LLC. – SAMS M-7052

Loctek Motion – SAMS T-415

Look Walls & Interiors – SAMS T-480 HDS

Madison Bay Company – SAMS G-2025

Meico, Inc. – SAMS T-937

Meural – Powered by NETGEAR – SAMS M-7054

Meximuebles – SAMS M-8006

MOBLER – SAMS T-1211, 1213

Modern Antiquarian – MS G-67 ADC

Monkees of High Point – SAMS T-638

Multimoveis – SAMS T-900A, 901

Native Linum – SAMS M-7055

Nghai Phat Wooden Furniture Co, Ltd. – SAMS T-1002, 1004

Old Wood Delaware – SAMS T-716

Packing Tech Co., Ltd. – SAMS T-310

Penucha – SAMS T-731

Phu Tai Joint Stock Co. – SAMS T-910, 9123, 914, 916, 1011, 1013, 1015, 1017

PISICO Binh Dinh Corporation Joint Stock Co. – SAMS T-1007

Portland Furniture – SAMS T-416

Quy Nhon Cushion Joint Stock Co. – SAMS T-1107

Robert Allen Duralee Group – MST 780

Romina Furniture – SAMS M-7059

Royal Print Box – SAMS G-6002 Salon

Rudnick – SAMS T-1000, 1101A

Schonbek – SAMS M-2043

Seeland Wood LLC. – SAMS M-5037

Serta AW Industries – M510

Shengze Art – SAMS T-905

Sier Moveis – SAMS T-1102, 1104

SIFAS – SAMS G-6033 Salon

Silver Hippopotamus-Industrial/Modern Furniture & Artifacts – MS G-63b ADC

Smart Market – PS 1-541

South + English – SAMS G-6041 Salon

Southern Home Inc. – SAMS M-5040

Soylemezler Oriental Rugs – SAMS M-5060

Square Feathers – IHFC IH609 InterHall

Standly Co., Ltd. – SAMS T-320

Style Home – SAMS T-517


Textures in Wallcovering – SAMS M-5024

Thanh Thuy Co., Ltd- SAMS T-1105

The Canvas Nursery – SAMS M-7010

The Royals Project – SAMS M-3015

Tiger Window Fashions – SAMS M-6001

Tradex Ukraine – SAMS T-400

Tres Irmaos Furniture – SAMS T-1100, 1101

Ukrainian Interior Design and Furniture Cluster – SAMS T-400

Vagabond House – SAMS M-8053

Vietnam Group – SAMS T-902

Vilmers – IHFC IH310 InterHall

Weierni – SAMS T-508

Wettrock – SAMS M-6057

Whitney Stoddard Art – SAMS M 3031

Woody Wood Creators – SAMS T-210

Yogibo – SAMS M-3037

Zembrod House – SAMS M-4024

Zuiver – IHFC IH302 InterHall

Following is an alphabetical listing of the 70 expanding and relocating companies at Fall 2019 High Point Market:

ASP & Company SAMS – M-5020

Addison Weeks SAMS – G-6037 Salon

American Cover Design 26, Inc./Persian Weavers – IHFC G263

Amity Home – SAMS M-6020

Anywhere Fireplace – SAMS G-5024

Barcalounger – IHFC C1025

Barnes Custom Upholstery – SAMS M-8037

Bedford Collections/Kennebunk Home – IHFC H235

Bethel International – C&D 4A

Bokara Rug Co, Inc. – MS 204

Chairs America, Inc. – PS 1-509

Common Ground Distributors – MS 277

Condor – SAMS M-2022

Creative Cables – SAMS G-7034 Salon

Creative Threads – SAMS G-4000

D & W Silks – IHFC G367

Delray and Associates – MS G-44,46,68b,70 ADC

Eichholtz – 129 S. Hamilton St.

Elite Home Textiles – SAMS G-2019

Fibreworks – SAMS G-7010 Salon

Foxmill Lighting & Supply Co. – SAMS M-2044

H and S Antiques – MS G-69,71 ADC

Hinges Furniture – PS 1-515

House of Cindy – SAMS M-8041

Hubbardton Forge – IHFC IH305 InterHall

Imab Group S.p.A – IHFC D1035

Impressions Vanity Company – IHFC H403

India’s Heritage Inc. – IHFC H213

Inspired Visions – SAMS M-2019

International Shades – SAMS G-5022

Jaipur Living – SHOW 3301

Kevin O’Brien Studio – SAMS G-6017 Salon

Knock On Wood – MS G-66,68a ADC

Kuka North America – Furniture Plaza 610

Leslie Archer Studios – SAMS G-2021

Luxe 1020 – MS G-26 ADC

LuxOut Shades – SAMS T-810

Madisons – SAMS G-5026

Mainly Baskets Home – SAMS G-6000B Salon

Maps and Art – MS G-65 ADC

Matahari – SAMS G-3040

Mayo – FP 311 (Saturday, Oct. 19, 1:15 p.m.)

Mobital – IHFC C550

MooMoo Designs – IHFC D349, SAMS M-5026

Napa Furniture Designs – FP 310

Nayika – SAMS M-2022A

NewCastle Fabrics – SAMS T-725

Old and Proud – MS G-7,9 ADC

Ornis Gallery – SAMS G-7042 Salon

Paulig by Salari – SAMS M-2033

Pendulux – SAMS G-4019

Piper Collection – SAMS G-4021

Poetic Pillow – SAMS T-803

Romano Upholstery – IHFC D508

Sagebrook Home – IHFC H324

Samad – MST 115

Square Feathers – IHFC IH609 InterHall

Stephen Wilson Studio – SAMS M-7049

The Leonard Collection – SAMS M-7011

The Little Birdie – SAMS M-4012

Three Hands Corporation – IHFC G262, G265

Thomas Bai Studios – SAMS M-5036

Togar Rugs – MS 278

Tomlinson Antiques – MS G-24 ADC

Turkish Carpets – SAMS M-1032

Vahallan – SAMS M-4003

Verona Prive – SAMS G-6047 Salon

Village Antiques – MS G-22 ADC

Vintage Furniture – FP 312

Vintage Print – SAMS M-7014

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