2015 Spring Bath Lighting Collection

Bath Lighting Style Guide

 Bathroom remodels are important for a host of different reasons. Not only does an updated bath add value & energy-efficiency to the home, but there are intangible benefits as well. Many homeowners who have remodeled their bathrooms (large or small) to incorporate spa-like elements — from jetted tubs  and beautiful tilework to more elegant lighting and soothing color schemes — report feeling a greater sense of well-being and calm when in that space.  

And then there’s the Keeping Up With the Joneses factor of  how an updated powder room or master bath leaves a favorable and lasting impression with guests.

It’s easy for bathroom budgets to reach $25,000 and higher, but one of the simplest and budget-busting ways to refresh a bath affordably is to update the lighting. Here are some of the latest lighting fixtures on the market that can turn an ordinary bath into something spectacular.


Bath Lighting Style
Say goodbye to boring bath strips, and hello to high-style elegance in the bath.