2 thoughts on “March: New Lighting Products

  1. REALLY? While these designs aren’t “bad”, none of them have the potential to be million $ producers, and that’s what vendors should be striving to achieve on behalf of themselves, their reps and retailers. (ex: Minka’s Belcaro Collection and finish which I worked on the development of generated millions in its first year and has to my best estimate achieved 100 million in sales since introduction!) I was just thinking this morning following a visit yesterday to an amazing home decor showplace-(www.sandstonegardens.com), how “out of alignment” most vendors continue to be with their new product development efforts, and WINS! While I like modern design and many hotels, restaurants and businesses are decorating with “modern furnishings”, THE REALITY IS, the vast majority of residential remodeling activity, (and thus better/best decorative lighting sales opportunities), throughout America, WILL BE for older style homes. Think Hudson Valley, Visual Comfort, etc., and the extremely attractive and highly successful lifestyle currently being marketed at Restoration Hardware showrooms. Think About It…To Your Success!, Jim  PS-Vendors; resist designing, sourcing and marketing products just because they’re “cool or new”. Retailers; focus your new product buying on products which truly “relate” to your clients homes and marketplace. The only way to really “know this”, is to GET OUT of the office and showroom and INTO your clients homes…

  2. Mr. Fleming, I think “Marco” Golden Lighting and “Windsung” Savoy House are outstanding!  On-trend and user-friendly.  Stepped-up style is always what I’m looking for!  These “got legs” in my opinion!  Ann

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