Welcome to our annual spotlight on domestic manufacturers! We asked companies nationwide to tell us what makes their businesses stand out.


Year Founded: 1979 (sold to Meyda in 2010)
Number of Employees: 100
What is the company known for? We distinguish ourselves by offering choices. All our products can be specified as to the style, size, finish, shades, and crystal desired for each piece. In collaboration with designers, architects, and builders, we can even customize pieces for an entire home or hospitality venue.


Year Founded: 1998
Number of Employees: 5
What is the company known for? A19 is more than your ordinary lighting & fixture manufacturer. We are family, friends, and artists. We believe that our passion for what we do should extend to every part of our business — from our creative team to our customer service and everyone in between. We take pride and pleasure in the work we do while creating one-of-a-kind pieces of functional art.

summerville, sc

Year Founded: 1975
Number of Employees: 12
What is the company known for? Our factory has been manufacturing unique luminaires for many years and now produces quality, innovative lighting products for the millennium. Specialty lighting has always been our area of expertise. We are constantly expanding our product line to incorporate the latest state-of-the-art technologies and are happy to offer custom lighting designs to suit any client’s needs.

anthony california inc.
chino, ca

Year Founded: 1983
Number of Employees: 49
What is the company known for? With more than 35 years in the industry, we possess unsurpassed expertise in manufacturing lamps here in the U.S. From design and production to quality control and packaging, our pieces are unique and handmade every step of the way.

American Brass & Crystal
union, nj

Year Founded: 1991
Number of Employees: 41
What is the company known for? American Brass & Crystal is renowned for our ability to design, fabricate, and finish brass and crystal chandeliers of any size, style, or configuration. Our fixtures can be found in the finest residential, commercial, and hospitality spaces both here in the U.S. and around the world. As a third-generation family business, the company has a unique understanding of what it takes to survive as an American manufacturer. Unsurpassed quality is paramount here, and we utilize only the finest brass castings and crystal components.


Year Founded: 1988
Number of Employees: 21
What is the company known for? We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and hand-finishing services. We offer a variety of choices in metal finish and glass combinations, and the greatest selection in Arts and Crafts-inspired lighting available. Our fixtures are made of heavy gauge brass, giving them increased durability. The unique rivets we use provide both beauty and additional structural integrity. Our glass panels are installed with both retaining clips and silicone. Our finishes are the best in the industry because we take the time to let them mature.


Year Founded: 2008
Number of Employees: 120
What is the company known for? Barn Light Electric enjoys a worldwide reputation for handcrafting vintage styles with the latest finishes and customizing options. We are the only company in America manufacturing porcelain enamel lighting, a time-honored process that includes firing commercial-grade steel in a porcelain oven to create a high-gloss finish that never fades. Superior quality coupled with size, finish, mounting, and several dozen accessory options help our customers create the perfect lighting for every space. We now offer expanding collections of LED lighting, porcelain enamel dinnerware, and rustic handcrafted furniture, too.


Year Founded: 2009
Number of Employees: 20
What is the company known for? Our unbeatably quick lead times and superb customer service sets us apart. As a smaller company, we are better able to give our customers personalized attention and have quickly become an industry leader in innovation, quality, and service. Our products are designed with the future in mind and manufactured using the highest quality materials and environmentally friendly practices.


Year Founded: 1976
Number of Employees: 6
What is the company known for? Superior handmade lanterns and lighting fixtures. We are family-owned and operated, and constantly strive for excellence and lasting quality.

Irvine, Ca

Year Founded: 2009
Number of Employees: 48
What is the company known for? We are known for making high-quality modern and predominantly wood lighting. We are also known for our innovation, vertical integration, and responsible manufacturing practices.

Derek Marshall Lighting

Year Founded: 1983
Number of Employees: 3
What is the company known for? We started out making portable table lamps and, due to customer requests, expanded into wall sconces, pendant lights, and chandeliers. We offer exquisite designs, quality products, first-class engineering, and excellent customer service.

Doug Frates Glass

Year Founded: 1983
Number of Employees: 3
What is the company known for? Doug Frates Glass creates American glass art that pushes the visual and technical boundaries with vibrant colors, custom designs, and innovative techniques. Every piece – from our vases and bowls to sculptures and lighting – is unique and made to the highest quality possible. Since its conception, the company has achieved what others in the art glass industry have only dreamed of. Among the many awards and accolades Doug Frates has earned, Art Glass Today ranked him as one of the Top 60 Glass Artists in the World.

Elemental LED
Reno, NV

Year Founded: 2007
Number of Employees: 75
What is the company known for? We created the Diode LED product line to support the needs of lighting design professionals, architects, electricians, and contractors. We are solely focused on delivering high-quality and complete LED lighting solutions. We also design and engineer patented linear LED products with superior performance and high-quality color-rendering.

Fine Art Lamps
Miami Lakes, Fl

Year Founded: 1940
Number of Employees: 200
What is the company known for? Fine Art Lamps is world-renowned for unique and original lighting designs of American studio glass, handcrafted metals, and other unique materials with exquisite hand-applied finishes. We are proud of our pledge to manufacture in America, based on the belief that this ensures design integrity, quality control, reliable delivery, and personal service. We now distribute to all 50 states and service 70 countries around the world.

Fire Farm Lighting
Elkader, Ia

Year Founded: 1991
Number of Employees: 12
What is the company known for? We offer unique and innovative custom work to clients worldwide. Our founder and director, Adam Jackson Pollock, leads a skilled team who treats light as a creative medium. This approach manifests itself in the use of non-traditional materials and techniques not found in typical lighting applications. Through collaborative partnerships with interior designers and architects, we create sophisticated designs for hospitality, restaurant, and residential clients.

Focus Industries
Lake Forest, Ca

Year Founded: 1989
Number of Employees: 130
What is the company known for? Keeping up with the current lamp technology, fixture performance/design, maintenance issues, and power delivery systems. We are dedicated to value engineering and giving our customers the best products at a competitive cost. Our innovative landscape lighting products and systems will not only make exterior environments more safe and secure, but will offer less maintenance, longer life, higher performance, and more control.

fourteenth colony
memphis, tn

Year Founded: 1957
Number of Employees: 21
What is the company known for? We specialize in copper, brass, and forged steel lighting fixtures that are entirely hand-fabricated by American craftsmen.

bellwood, il

Year Founded: 1905
Number of Employees: 40
What is the company known for? Decorative interior and exterior lighting fixtures. From formal to casual, gothic to contemporary, and rustic to refined, Framburg handcrafts one of the broadest product lines. Each fixture is the result of a technique refined through the ages.

grand brass lamp parts
west haven, ct

Year Founded: 1913
Number of Employees: 25
What is the company known for? Grand Brass Lamp Parts has served the retail and wholesale lamp parts, lighting parts, and chandelier industries parts for more than 100 years. We carry a large selection of parts including lamp sockets, crystal prisms, chandelier chain and ceiling canopies, lamp wire, cord switches, lamp dimmers, floor lamp glass, fixture chain, and all the supplies for making lamps. We have a large inventory of replacement lamp glass shades and lighting glass, such as necked fitter glass shades, torchiere floor lamp glass shades, and student shades, in addition to numerous styles of antique reproduction glass shades. We also offer a large selection of DIY lighting products.

salt lake city, ut

Year Founded: 1995
Number of Employees: 98
What is the company known for? We are an American manufacturer with expertise in custom lighting design, engineering, and artisan craftsmanship. Since its inception, the company has created lighting for some of the most beautiful homes, hotels, resorts, and restaurants in North America. We offer a broad spectrum of design and manufacturing capabilities, including blown and kiln-fused glass, steel, mesh, stone, acrylics, mica, and more. The company’s 50,000-sq.-ft. facility seamlessly integrates both traditional and modern tools and technologies with lean manufacturing processes to bring authentic craftsmanship and unparalleled quality to each fixture.

hi-lite mfg.
chino, ca

Year Founded: 1958
Number of Employees: 180
What is the company known for? For 60 years, we have earned a reputation for offering a wide range of RLM lighting fixture designs. Goosenecks, pendants, post mounts, and more are all available to accommodate any application, along with customization options for nearly every aspect of a fixture. Everything from finishes and shade sizes to optional accessories may be chosen to perfectly suit the functional and aesthetic needs of a location. Additionally, we continue to invest in energy-efficient opportunities with our expanding catalog of LED fixtures.

house of troy
hyde park, vt

Year Founded: 1948
Number of Employees: 36
What is the company known for? The craftsmanship involved in building House of Troy picture lights has changed very little over the past 70 years. Each light is rolled by hand, soldered, buffed, and assembled in our Vermont factory. Each employee painstakingly ensures only the finest lights are shipped to our valued customers throughout the world.

Hubbardton Forge
Castleton, Vt

Year Founded: 1974
Number of Employees: 235
What is the company known for? Hubbardton Forge is one of the most respected brands in the industry for its award-winning designs, uncompromising quality, and genuine commitment to sustainable manufacturing processes. We source domestically and partner with local Vermont vendors whenever possible. From concept through final product, Hubbardton Forge designs with energy efficiency in mind. By building on traditional techniques while focusing on fine design, our team provides solutions to the most complicated lighting challenges, by modifying existing products or creating one-of-a-kind concepts to suit specific needs.

Jerry Lighting
Brooklyn, Ny

Year Founded: 2016
Number of Employees: 3
What is the company known for? Highly decorative and highly functional lighting. The company was founded by designer Max Simon in collaboration with his father, Jerome, who is a veteran inventor of architectural lighting with numerous ingenious patents for optical technology. While most other companies work to conceal lighting components such as lenses, refractors, and heat sinks, Jerry emphasizes them as key components to each design. With light as an active element, Jerry forms, bends, or projects it into its ultimate use.


Year Founded: 1985
Number of Employees: 38
What is the company known for? Justice Design Group produces distinctive lighting for residential, hospitality, and commercial settings. We offer an unparalleled range of shade materials, including handmade Venetian glass, translucent porcelain, and the warm glow of faux alabaster. Our ceramic fixtures are hand-cast and hand-textured, and individually inspected to ensure the utmost satisfaction. Available in 250 patterns and shapes and more than 30 finishes, these specialty shades can be combined with a number of frame styles to create a unique look and feel. Justice Design Group is a leader in the ceramic decorative lighting category with one of the finest reputations in the industry.


Year Founded: 2012
Number of Employees: 3
What is the company known for? Katy Skelton believes in creating beautiful products that are designed and manufactured with social responsibility in mind. We want you to know where our products come from, as we are fully committed to transparency regarding our manufacturers. Each piece is an original concept developed in-house to ensure the highest quality in design and construction.


Year Founded: 1992
Number of Employees: 115
What is the company known for? Our extensive line of fixtures uses reliable, energy-efficient LEDs that lead the way in the commercial, residential, and lighting design communities. Continuing to make breakthroughs for performance, decorative, and architectural lighting, we provide the latest in solid-state technology. The company is specified in some of the highest-profile projects and has become a leader in solid-state lighting design.


Year Founded: 1943
What is the company known for? High-quality product, delivered when promised. We are a reliable, consistent suppler that utilizes domestically sourced parts and materials. NBLS is a third-generation, family-owned business.

Meyda Custom Lighting
Yorkville, NY

Year Founded: 1974
Number of Employees: 100 (shared with 2nd Avenue)
What is the company known for? Established as Meyda Tiffany, specializing in leaded stained glass lighting, panels, and accessories plus favrile lamps in the style of Louis Comfort Tiffany. Since its inception, the company has expanded to include many other styles of lighting. Privately owned, Meyda has enjoyed three generations of leadership from the Cohen family.

Northeast Lantern
Exeter, NH

Year Founded: 1987
Number of Employees: 45
What is the company known for? We have been manufacturing high-quality solid brass and copper lighting fixtures since 1987. In the early days, we produced exterior lanterns,but soon began making interior fixtures, such as chandeliers and sconces. By blending tradition and innovation, Northeast Lantern continues to develop new products and styles every year, however, the classic onion-style light fixture continues to be a mainstay in the catalog. The quality of materials, detail in construction, and customization makes this company one of the best in the business.

East Taunton, Ma

Year Founded: 1949
Number of Employees: 40
What is the company known for? Norwell is a lighting manufacturer known for its beautifully designed products that are built with quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. The foundation of Norwell’s inception was building quality outdoor lanterns in a residential basement. Since then, we have expanded to manufacture both indoor and outdoor lighting.


Year Founded: 1925
Number of Employees: 20
What is the company known for? For nearly one century, Remcraft has stood for excellence in the lighting industry. Our cutting-edge facility is home to the latest state-of-the-art manufacturing and production equipment. For three generations, our family has put heart, soul, and steady hands into crafting some of the world’s best lighting fixtures. As technology moves forward, we will continue to offer line-voltage, dimmable, and replaceable LED light engines in almost every fixture.

Santangelo Lighting & Design
Austin, TX

Year Founded: 1994
Number of Employees: 35
What is the company known for? We specialize in designing and manufacturing custom, hand-made lighting for residential, hospitality, and commercial installations. Recent projects include Frenchmen’s Reserve Country Club, Hilton Denver Inverness, and Hidden River Ranch Weddings & Events.

Scatchard Stoneware
Hyde Park, VT

Year Founded: 1965
Number of Employees: 6
What is the company known for? George Scatchard came to Vermont in 1960 to set up his first pottery shop. He taught ceramics at the University of Vermont while continuing to create pottery in his own rural studio. The mix of clay and custom glazes developed through years of experimentation, in combination with the high fire reduction process, resulted in a highly durable and beautiful stoneware product. His lamp bases are simple, attractive, and timeless. In 2012, Scatchard Stoneware was acquired by American Lighting Brands and moved to the company’s House of Troy factory in Hyde Park.

Bellwood, Il

Year Founded: 2004
Number of Employees: 40
What is the company known for? Design, detail, and artistic style. Founded by designer Allison Davis, our products are genuine pieces of functional art made from high-end materials such as sustainable wood, ceramic, art glass, natural stone, and metal. We offer a beautiful selection of table lamps, floor lamps, wall sconces, and pendant lights for transitional, contemporary, and casual decors. In 2014, Thumprints was acquired by American Lighting Brands and moved to the Framburg facility in Illinois.

Ultralights Architectural Lighting

Year Founded: 1988
Number of Employees: 25
What is the company known for? Proudly celebrating its 30th anniversary, Ultralights Lighting has a combined 147 years of experience in the industry. We offer decorative, contemporary lighting options using quality materials and trusted LED components to provide clients with a lighting solution based on their specific needs and vision. Our dedicated team of craftsmen and engineers manufacture a wide range of products including interior and exterior wall sconces, pendants, and chandeliers, all with integrated LED technology.