Govt. Regulations & Opportunities for Residential Lighting Showrooms

Govt Opportunities for Lighting Showrooms

Government Regulations & Opportunities for Retail Lighting Showrooms

All of the rapid, large-scale changes in lighting regulations and available technologies create the following business opportunities for lighting showrooms:

Consumers are already facing an unprecedented level of confusion about the new technologies available and are having a legitimately difficult time finding good replacement options for legacy lamps and lighting systems.  It is one thing to say there are new technologies replacing the old, but it is quite another to find a  true quality replacement for a 50-watt halogen MR16, or an affordable LED replacement for a 100-watt incandescent lamp.  Showrooms are much better prepared to be the lighting experts that provide real service than the DIY home centers.  As in the past, showrooms can out-compete the big boxes on service, expertise, and quality product, despite a higher price.

The commercial lighting markets are embracing the more efficient, longer-lived technologies at break-neck speed, whether it be LED, T8, T5, GU24 CFL, high-wattage CFL, IR halogen, induction, eHID, etc.  Residential lighting has already begun to incorporate some of these sources, although at a slower pace.  The primary difference is that residential markets don’t place a premium on long-life and the resulting reductions in maintenance costs, that commercial users value.  Nevertheless, it is not difficult to observe the increases in new technologies at each subsequent Dallas Market.  The savvy showrooms are already studying the best of the newer technologies, and placing small “bets” on the best solutions in order to capture the early adopter business and position themselves as the experts for the rest of the adoption curve.

Finally, the higher efficiency and longer-life of the newer technologies come at a higher price point.  “Up-selling” customers to the newer technologies will increase dollars per sale. Stayed tuned to EnLIGHTenment Magazine and the American Lighting Association for updates on new regulations affecting the lighting industry.

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About the Authors

David Shiller is president of Lighting Solution Development, a national sales rep and consultant to the decorative lighting industry, and specializes in energy efficient lighting.

Terry McGowan, FIES, LC is an independent consultant and the American Lighting Association’s director of Technology and Engineering

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  1. You are also missing retrofit induction A lamps as an alternative to the incandescent A lamps. Our 15 watt lamp is equivalent to a 100 watt incandescent lamp and is rated to last 60,000 hours. The new A lamps with special coating is a 50 watt lamp rated to last 1,000 hours. Not a great alternative to the current 100 watt light bulb.

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