Groovystuff Introduces Design Student Abigail Buchanan

Groovystuff will debut a new product collection from The University of North Carolina – Greensboro: the “Enclosure Collection” by Interior Architecture student Abigail Buchanan, at the upcoming Las Vegas Market in the World Market Center, Showroom #B-0146.

The “Enclosure Collection” is one of the new Groovystuff products that provide retailers with designs that fill the trend gap between emerging young adults and established consumers.

According to Buchanan, the collection focuses on the use of rectilinear planes, intersected by the curvature of reclaimed teak logs. “Inspired by the natural beauty of the teak, this table cradles the branches, further highlighting and showcasing the beauty of the teak,” she explains. “The contrasting iron frame wraps around the table top, suspending the wood and further accentuating the wood’s natural beauty.”

Currently earning her degree in Interior, Buchanan plans to pursue a career in the field of visual displays and temporary installations after graduation.

“This collaboration with design students from across the country and now internationally with the Industrial Design department at KMITL in Bangkok, Thailand, offers dealers carrying the Groovystuff line a whole new round of products designed from an entirely new perspective, untarnished by the pressures of trends and product saturation,” says Chris Bruning, founder and visionary behind the cooperative known as The University Hall: By Design: Connecting Education to Industry.

“Sustainability is an essential part of the Groovystuff message, and the collaboration with these universities has helped get that message out to a broader demographic and a much more global audience. The educational institutions today are providing students with a foundation of knowledge that considers energy conservation, quality of life, and the responsible use of resources when teaching design. Our goal is ‘to provide the students with a platform for creativity and encourage them to embrace the home furnishings industry,'” adds Bruning.


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