Light + Building in Frankfurt: LED LIghting

Light+Building in Frankfurt attracted 196,000 visitors in April.
Here are more designs that debuted at the fair.

Axo Light Explo is a composition of crystals suspended in a glowing beam of light. The style consists of one or more lamp bodies (depending on the model) and a halogen light source surrounded by approximately 22”-long, hand-crafted transparent glass bars with a red or white core. The standard models consist of five or 10 glass bars, however customers can customize the quantity.  Fonckel One Table Lamp: Direction, intensity, and breadth of the LED beam are regulated by simply placing one’s hand on the touch-sensitive frame. The user determines the direction of the light by moving one’s hand or finger across the back. To widen the beam, one places two fingers close together and then spreads them apart – as if stretching it – just like with an iPhone or iPad. To narrow the beam, bring the two fingers  closer together.


Tobias Grau Falling Star suspension fixture takes a playful approach to LED illumination by hanging from a so-called “monkey swing.” As a result, it is independent of the power supply. The Falling Star fixture has low power consumption, is fully dimmable, and provides a brilliant, warm-white light. The Lunatic series from German lighting designer Ingo Maurer and his team offers indirect, glare-free lighting from two 13-watt warm-white LEDs in 2700K. Each pendant is equipped with an electronic ballast and is not dimmable. They are comprised of aluminum and steel.


Benwirth Licht Incredible Pendant: This German manufacturer’s Incredible pendant playfully employs an LED downward-facing lamp within the silhouette of the familiar incandescent. Slamp Superstar Pendant: This Italian manufacturer debuted its iridescent and transparent Lentiflex® material on the new Superstar pendant designed by Pagani-Perversi. Superstar’s celestial shape – available in two sizes – is enriched by iridescent reflections that are diffused up to the tips by an inner metallized polycarbonate filter.


Ledo LED Technologie BULLED Bulbs was designed to exactly match the 60-watt incandescent, medium-base bulb in size, “real light” quality, and brightness. In addition, it achieves the incandescent’s beam angle of 330 degrees while using only 11 watts.  It is available in three versions shown here: The BULLED® Classic, the BULLED® Star, and the BULLED® Modular (in colors).

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