Light Source: 2014 Spring Round-up

LightSource 2014 New Lighting Products

The latest technology in LED light sources and LED-powered fixtures provides lighting specifiers and distributors with plenty of options for light commercial, hospitality, healthcare, and retail applications.


 American Bright The SimpleTube: LightFair  Bruck Priority LED Track Spot LED
American Bright: The SimpleTube® is an easy-to-install refrigerator and freezer door LED fixture that is also suitable for under cabinet and shelf lighting, plus as backlights for display signs. It has patented SimpleDrive® technology for direct AC input and needs no external driver. The custom optical design offers versatility plus ideal light distribution. Bruck Lighting: Priority LED is a powerful LED, clean-looking track fixture with an on-board side driver. A variety of beams and color temperatures can be specified. Priority can be ordered in either a White or Black finish and is for use on Bruck’s GEO or ECO line-voltage track or as a retrofit for other companies’ systems.



 Cree Lighting: TG-LS4 Surface Ambient CSL Lighting Silver Square LED LIght
Cree: The LS Series linear LED luminaire is designed to replace the hundreds of millions of fluorescent strip, wrap, and industrial fixtures currently installed in North America. Designed in a slim, modern form factor with multiple mounting options and lumen packages, it reduces energy consumption and maintenance expenses, making it an ideal replacement for retail, education, and industrial applications.  Powered by Cree TrueWhite® Technology, the LS Series is offered in surface, pendant, suspended, and cove mounting options in four- and eight-foot configurations. CSL: The 1-inch New Construction Eco-Downlight features two-step binning; color temperatures of 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K; with CRI ranging from 80 to 90. It delivers 50,000 hours at 70-percent lumen maintenance (L70) and has a field-replaceable light engine and driver. The fixture is compatible with INC (incandescent/triac), ELV and 0-10V dimmers.
E1-Indirect LED Linear Light
Finelight: The E1-Indirect LED Linear and Configuration are slender, but powerful luminaires delivering up to 3107 lumens in a 2’x2′ configuration. Features include a 1.25″ x 0.80″cross-section, a replaceable LED light array, standard dimming, 10-day shipping, and a 10-year warranty.
JESCO SLT-2232 Ultra Thin Troffer  Kenalle T8-LED retrofit kit
Jesco: Powered by the company’s patent-pending, state-of-the-art optical design, its new Ultra-Thin/Ultra-Light LED Troffers provide even direct, lighting uniformity, virtually eliminating hot spots typically associated with LEDs. The 3-3/16”-deep housing design complements any acoustic ceiling-tile pattern.  In addition, the ST-2232 is adaptable along flat T-Bar “drop-ceilings” or acoustical grid-ceiling panels in any size space; especially those with shallow or “crowded” ceiling plenums. Kenall Lighting: The T8-LED retrofit kit is the only T8 LED specifically designed to maintain the critical listings of installed Kenall’s wet-location, sealed enclosure fixtures. Approved for the DesignLights Consortium® (DLC) Qualified Products List, the T8-LED retrofit kit features ground-up design and measures 48 inches in length.  With an LED lifetime (L70) of 100,000 hours, the T8-LED has an extruded 6063-T5 aluminum heat sink for effective thermal management.


AFX ORA LED fixture  Optec ThermaLED exterior luminaire
AFX: The new ORA LED fixture is distinguished by a 12-inch circular powder-coated ring pendant with a matching powder-coated ceiling canopy. With an integrated LED engine, the ORA pendant uses 12 watts of energy to deliver 900 source lumens with a 3000K CCT. The dimmable array allows light output to be adjusted to create the luminance desired. Suspended by a single cord, it can be hung individually or in a group. Optec LED Lighting: The ThermaLED exterior luminaire is engineered with a thermal management system that utilizes independent heat sink technology, drawing heat away from each LED where it dissipates rather than being trapped in the housing. The fixture offers 100 lumens per watt, has a useful life of between 80,000 to 100,000 hours, and standard color temperatures of 4000K and 5000K.


Ledzworld CTA 2.0 LED Lights
Ledzworld: The company’s CTA 2.0 technology emulates the color tones of halogens when dimmed, gradually transforming from a bright soft tone color temperature at the highest level to a warm flame color at the lowest level (2700K to 1600K CCT). The company’s Chameleon driver technology adjusts to its environment by first detecting the transformer type, then analyzing its waveform, and finally adjusting itself to make a perfect electrical fit with that particular transformer.


Tech Lighting GATICA Retail app Soraa Lighting PAR30 LED
Tech Lighting: The company launched a new product line called GATICA™ (General And Task Illumination, Controls, Adjustability) that took three years of research and development. It is a uniquely flexible and modular LED lighting system combining aimable general illumination, wall wash, and aimable spot lighting — all in a highly configurable, ultra-thin profile that subtly integrates into its surroundings. GATICA’s highly configurable components and light performance make it ideal for retail, grocery, corporate office, healthcare, hospitality, museum, library and gallery applications.  According to company president Josh Weiss, it can serve as the sole or majority light source throughout spaces requiring general illumination, wall washing, task illumination, or all three.


Soraa: PAR30, PAR38, and AR111 LED lamps allow users to customize light directly on the lamp rather than on the fixture.  With these new additions, customers now have a choice of lamps as well as accessories to perfectly tailor the light in restaurant, retail, hospitality, museum, and residential applications. Due to its bright, point source GaN on GaN™ LED and breakthrough prismatic optic, Soraa’s LED lamps can accept a magnet in the center of the lens, enabling a simple accessory attachment mechanism without major impact on light output or efficiency.


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