Lumenpulse Presented with U.S Patent on Lumentalk Technology

Lumenpulse Presented with U.S Patent on Lumentalk Technology

Lumenpulse Presented with U.S Patent on Lumentalk Technology: Lumenpulse Inc., an LED-based lighting solutions manufacturer based in Montreal and Boston, announced it has received the first of seven patents pending for its Lumentalk™ technology. U.S. Patent 8,179,058, issued May 15, 2012, reportedly provides a method of reading a traditional analog TRIAC dimmer in a digital fashion, which enables digital control of LED lighting over existing AC power lines, to maximize cost and energy savings.

The Lumentalk technology is designed to turn existing electrical wiring into a stable, noise-free high-speed communications link for data, enabling LED fixtures to be controlled without additional wiring.  The technology eliminates the cost and disruption of having to open up walls and ceilings to install data cabling as part of a retrofit project, enabling a 30% reduction in total installation costs.

“Lumentalk is a ground-breaking technology that uses a proprietary communications protocol to control lighting fixtures digitally using analog dimming platforms and infrastructure,” says Greg Campbell, Lumenpulse Executive Vice President and CTO. “This is the first patent secured by Lumenpulse and is a validation of our vision for turning standard analog environments into intelligent, digital networks.”

The recipient of a Product Innovation Award (PIA) in March, Lumentalk enables LED fixtures from any manufacturer to be dimmed and controlled over existing power lines, and works with most control or dimming standards (TRIAC, ELV, 0-10V, DALI, or DMX). Lumentalk uses AC voltage (100V – 277V) and operates within frequency bands allocated by worldwide regulations (FCC, CENELEC, ARIB).

“LED systems offer a fantastic energy-saving opportunity. As well as being efficient, they can be controlled and dimmed to maximize savings,” says François-Xavier Souvay, Lumenpulse Founder, President, and CEO. “But, because they are semiconductors, they have the ability to do more: to communicate. Until now the challenge has been the cost and complexity of installing a data line to enable that communication. Lumentalk is able to address that challenge by using existing infrastructure, which removes the main obstacles and opens the door to countless energy saving projects,” Souvay adds.

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