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Clark Linstone: Lamps Plus


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Clark Linstone, Lamps Plus


The Early Days:

I started working for Lamps Plus/Pacific Coast Lighting in 1990.  [Previously, Clark earned an MBA and has banking background] I was attracted to the industry because I knew Lamps Plus was a very dynamic forward-thinking and well-run company.


Biggest Challenge:

LED is dramatically changing product design. Lighting showrooms and manufacturers have a tremendous opportunity to educate the public on this technology.  Another technological change is the increasing use of the Internet to offer customers a greater assortment of product and to create a positive and synergistic effect in showrooms.


Key to Success:

What happens in the past is always instructive, but one must look at ways to continually improve things and remain open-minded.


What Lies Ahead:

The lighting industry will have many challenges and opportunities.  Government will continue to play an increasing role in our industry. It will be critical to continue our dialogue with state and federal administrative agencies such as the California Energy Commission and Department of Energy as well as lawmakers to ensure that consumers’ needs can be met.  These include the ability to create an inviting environment with different light levels and color temperatures along with products that meet specific task requirements. These goals, along with energy savings, can be accomplished by our industry working closely with regulators and lawmakers. As LEDs transform product design, successful showrooms will educate the public and guide them through this transformation. In addition, the Internet will enhance and change the way we interact with consumers.

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