Leaders, Legends & Luminaries: Dave McKee

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Dave McKee: Seattle Lighting/Globe Lighting

Category: Luminary, Retailer
Dave McKee, Seattle Lighting/Globe Lighting/Builders Lighting


The Early Days:

I got started in this business while going to college in San Luis Obispo. Calif. in 1978.  I answered a Help Wanted ad in the newspaper for a lamp repair/warehouse/sales position at Nelson Lighting.


Biggest Challenge:

Our industry has so many opportunities that I think it is a challenge to have everyone see those opportunities and develop plans to capitalize on them.


Key to Success:

I think teamwork is the key to success. It is important to have everyone on the team understand the big picture and pitch in on how to accomplish the end goal.  This can apply to our own associates or to our vendors as well since I see the vendors as part of the team. We are part of their success, and they are part of ours.


What Lies Ahead:

The industry is changing at the most rapid pace that I have known.  With all of these changes we need to be an educated resource for the consumer. This is exciting because it gives us a reason to be a specialty shop!  People come to us because they are not going to get their project done properly without consulting an expert. It is a great time to be in this industry!

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