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Nathan Frampton: Fanimation

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Nathan Frampton, Fanimation


The Early Years:

After graduating from college with a degree in accounting, I worked at a CPA firm for a year. I actually liked accounting a lot, but I knew in the long run that I wouldn’t be an accountant. I didn’t think working at Fanimation [founded by his father] was an option because in the mid-1990s, it was a small, but growing, company. No one ever sat me down and said you are going to work in the business, but [my dad and I] were having a conversation about some problems they were having at the time and it just became a mutual decision.


Biggest Challenge:

Showrooming is an issue that has to be addressed, as well as [enforcing] sales tax on Internet purchases. For example, you can buy something on Amazon.com in 10 seconds.


Key to Success:

Enjoying what I’m doing. I like that we’re in an artistic and energy-efficient business. I think I’m creative and I enjoy product development and the people in our industry: the employees, reps, vendors, dealers, and customers.


What Lies Ahead:

At Fanimation, we’ll continue to fill gaps in our lines, whether that means by price point or style. I want to create products that really look different and have other people chase our gaps. I get the impression that housing starts seem to be rising, and I believe the Internet will continue to play a role in distribution (i.e. retailers like Amazon.com). Showrooms will analyze how they’re merchandising product and training retail salespeople on how to upgrade their customers.

LED is definitely getting cheaper faster than I thought it would. It’s at the point where the cost can be justified.

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