Lightfair International 2012 Innovation Awards

Lightfair International 2012 Innovation Awards

Congratulations to all of the 2012 Lightfair International Innovation Awards, also known as the “New Products Showcase” for many years.  This LIGHTFAIR tradition has been renamed and redesigned to focus on both new and truly innovative lighting technologies, products and designs.

The LFI Innovation Awards honors industry innovations for lighting-related products and designs introduced in the past 12 months. Each product was judged by an independent panel of renowned lighting professionals.

ALL products that were submitted have been posted for your review and the four main winners are featured under “Most Innovative product & Other Special Awards.”

Category Winners are marked as such in their specific categories.

PRO-Flex LED Drivers for EMerge
Dimmable drivers with OEM selectable current from 300 to 1500mA and 3 interfaces: enOCEAN Wireless; 0-10Volt; and DALI.
Ballasts Transformers LED Drivers
io lili 2′ x 2′ LED Recessed Indirect Luminaire
2′ x 2′ recessed indirect with low profile center medallions for general lighting delivers 35 FC at the workplane while consuming only 0.85 watts per square foot.
 Commercial Indoor (all linear Fluorescent Troffers Suspended Surface LED OLED)
AOC Wireless Outlet Controller
Wireless management of receptacles by schedule and occupancy when integrated with Autani’s LightCenter+ lighting controls.
 Controls Interfaces Daylight Integration Building / Site Automation Systems Power Distribution Systems (Line / Low-Voltage)
EnduraLED A lamps
Dimmable 10-17 watt family of A-lamp replacements for 60 and 75 watt incandescents including the 10W winner of the DOE’s L prize®.
Conventional Lamps Retrofit / Replacement LED Lamps 
LED mesh with the combination of a high-tensile stainless steel wire mesh and outdoor and video suitable LED-Dots.
Dynamic Color Theatrical color & white Linear Cove / Strips / Tape 
LED Perimeter Light
7 watts 24-volt LED luminaire provides lighting along perimeter fences on extensive property boundaries for the military, temporary fence companies, and others.
 Industrial Vandal Emergency Exit
Fin Light Fixture
5-5/8″ Wall or ceiling mounted system available in lengths from 24″ to 84″ allowing better utility of LED’s by diffusing their intensity through a decorative lumina panel.
Indoor Decorative (Chandeliers Pendants Sconces Task Lights) 
Araya Color Tuning Module – CTM 019
Wireless dimming and control of tunable color temperature from 2700 – 6000K with Copy & Paste matching of light sources and Calibration to offset LED aging.
LED / OLED Chips Modules / Light Engines Plasma OEM Sub-Assemblies 
Sivoia® QS Wireless Insulating honeycomb shades
Fire-rated wireless insulated shades integrate seamlessly with Lutron controls and 3rd-party devices with battery-powered models ensuring a 3-year battery life.
 Non-Luminous Components (Specialty Hardware Lampholders Wiring Devices Machinery Optics Film Thermal Management Shades Passive Daylight Devices)
Sleek 1, 3, and 6 watt pathlights available 12, 18, 24, and 30 inch heights providing 90 lpw and 3200K color temperature.
Outdoor Luminaires (except Roadway / Parking Garage) (Sports Landscape Pool / Fountain Area / Site Steplights) 
WarmDim LED Downlights
4, 5 and 6″ IC LED downlights emulate incandescent dimming offering 600 lumen at 3000K in residential and hospitality type interiors.
 Recessed Downlights (Wall Washers Directionals Modulars Multiples)
Fusion EM Energy Management Software
Energy management software solution that integrates control, metering and measurement of all energy-consuming systems on a single platform.
 Research Publications Software (Applications Measuring Devices)
Elegantly styled 51 watt indirect LED post-top for pedestrian scaled spaces adds ambience with form and glare-free illumination.
 Roadway / Parking Garage
MBW2 – Wall Wash LED Track Luminaire
LED track wall wash with a rectangle light distribution delivers 3000 lumen uniform vertical illumination in 4 color temperatures.
 Track (Surface Mounted LV Cable Rail Undercabinet Shelf)


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