Light Source: Spring Round-up 2014

LightSource Spring Resiidential Lighting Collection


Zenaro USA: Axenia LC thin panel series in LED

Zenaro This year’s edition of LightFair marked a milestone for the company with more Energy Star® and DesignLights® Consortium (DLC) listed products than ever. Most notable among these newly listed products is the Axenia LC thin panel series in LED, which is designed to make conventional sheet metal troffers obsolete.



USAI Lighting  NanoLED Multi recessed fixture  Litetronics LED PAR Lamps

USAI : The new NanoLED® Multi recessed fixture boasts up to four independently lockable and 40° x 40° adjustable sources more than 7 beamspread options and a variety of optical accessories for maximum versatility.

Litetronics: LED PARs deliver traditional PAR lamp performance with the use of LED COB (chip on board) technology; consistent lighting color; and a central light source that looks like halogen with nearly 4x the efficacy (lumen output per watt consumed).  The new LED PAR family has optimal optics, dims flicker-free, can replace up to a 90-watt PAR halogen.



Wila Lighting 661 & 665 recessed, 6-inch, LED
Wila Lighting: The 661 & 665 recessed, 6-inch, LED Downlight provides energy-efficient illumination using high-performance, single source LED from Bridgelux with an SDCM of 3. Model 661 is a square aperture; Model 665 is round.



Lithonia Denon LED  MaxLite LED Bulbs

Lithonia: The new fixtures are ideal a wide range of light commercial and residential applications including multi-family residencies, hotels, and assisted-living facilities.  Each flush-mount is commercial-rated for 24-hour operation, has an estimated 50,000-hour lifetime, features AC-driven LED boards with zero inrush to enable instant on, and are dimmable down to 10 percent.

MaxLite : LED Omnidirectional A-line lamps featuring the latest LED technology. Available in four wattages, these LED Omni A-line lamps replicate A19 and A21 incandescents with a 300-degree beam angle that produces even, consistent light in all directions. The 7-, 10-, 12- and 17-watt lamps replace 40-, 60-, 75- and 100-watt incandescent bulbs, respectively.




Vokslyte: The company manufactures all of its products in Maryland. Shown here is the Onde model, which features 50,000-hour long life tightly binned Cree® diodes, a high light transmission translucent acrylic lens, plus contractor-friendly replaceable LED boards and drivers. The two models may be suspended as pendants or surface-mounted fixtures.


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