Bruck Lighting: Ledra Gallery Wall Wash Wins 2013 Adex Silver Award

Bruck Lighting: The LEDRA Gallery wall wash LED fixture for track or canopy mounting has achieved the 2013 ADEX Silver Award.

Bruck Lighting Ledra Wins 2013 Adex Silver Award

The 900-lumen Gallery uses only 8 watts with 81 micro-emitters tocreate a smooth, broad, wash distribution. The 45° swivel tilt stem allows for precise aiming. The LEDRA Gallery is offered in a matte chrome finish and can be specified in either 3000K or 4000K. The LEDRA fixture has a uni-plug design that allows it to be used on any Bruck low-voltage track systems as well as with monorail track. It’s ideal for museum, retail, accent and wall wash applications. It can be mounted up or down on the track.   View a few more articles on Bruck Lighting: AN EDUCATED BRUCK LIGHTING SHOWROOM IS THE BEST LIGHTING

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