Con-Tech Lighting Names Winners Of 2012 Design Contest

Con-Tech 2012 Design Contest

Con-Tech Lighting Names Winners Of 2012 Design Contest: Northbrook, Ill.-based ConTech Lighting has announced the winners of its 13th Annual Lighting Awards for creative lighting design. The award winners were recognized in the categories of hospitality design and commercial design and the projects are located in Florida and Illinois, respectively.

Tryst Gastro Lounge in St. Petersburg, Florida was given a “fashion runway” effect created by mounting 60 Sirius Starlight fixtures in a long rectangular pattern on a black ceiling. ConTech’s MiniTrack fixtures mounted with both track and mono-point accent the rich tufted upholstered high back booths and reflect off of the surfaces, drawing attention to the rich finishes. The main focus however, was the onyx bar with 62 Sirius Clear Carat fixtures arranged in staggered rows and columns to create a stunning chandelier suspended above it. With the proper dimming applied, this unique 20-foot long, low-voltage, halogen chandelier sparkles and reflects light throughout Tryst. This entire 2,000-sq.-ft. interior is illuminated with ConTech products specified by Jeff Vinachi, LC of Certified Lighting Solutions; the design was completed by Rob Bowen of the Design Group.

The second winning project was the Groupon headquarters in ConTech Lighting’s home state of Illinois. Elaine Kilburg with KSA Lighting was the specifier on the project and Jenna Rivera with BOX Studios was the designer. The project used  6-inch CFL downlights to highlight the tabletops in the CEO’s two board rooms; each with floating, perforated metal tile ceilings for a futuristic appearance. Throughout the rest of the headquarters in Chicago, each space is theatrically themed, such as a tiki-style lunch room, futuristic lounge, and an outdoor park meeting area, to name a few. ConTech’s 6-inch CFL cylinders are utilized throughout these themed spaces. Specified in Silver, the shades act as general lighting while “disappearing” into the surrounding exposed ceiling and HVAC elements. These fixtures add a dramatic ambience and allow the colorful and whimsical design of the space to take center stage.

Applications are flowing in for next year’s 2013 Lighting Awards. Here’s how you can enter:

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