Electric Mirror Receives Patent for Vanishing Mirror Technology

Everett, Wash.-based Electric Mirror has received its 40th patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The patent safeguards their vanishing Mirror TV innovation and protects Electric Mirror’s right to solely produce the technology.

The patent, US 9,173,509 is titled “Apparatuses and methods for changing the appearance of an object mounted behind a mirror” allows a media display device – such as a flat screen TV – to vanish when the device is off and appear within the mirror when on. “Securing this patent substantially supports the long term investment that Electric Mirror continues to make in research and development to create top-tier products like our Mirror TVs and Entertainment Mirror TVs,” says Patrick Erickson, Chief Engineer at Electric Mirror. “This patent is truly a game changer for us because this innovation is fundamental to many of our core products and it allows our team to build on the technology we’ve created without infringement.”