Entries For AURORALIA Prize Due October 28

Auroralia Award 2011

Auroralia Award: enLightenment MagazineFollowing the success of the two first awards, the AURORALIA prize will be presented for the third year running to three worldwide cities committed to implementing “sustainable urban lighting.” An independent jury will choose the winners with prizes awarded on December 8 in Lyon during the Light Festival.

AURORALIA is a joint initiative of exterior lighting manufacturer Schréder Lighting (which has a new U.S. headquarters in the Chicago area) and LUCI, the Lighting Urban Community International organization.

The AURORALIA award is given to cities that have achieved high-quality exterior lighting projects that reduced their impact on the environment in “the most noticeable, exemplary, and original way.”

The first recipients of the AURORALIA Award were Berlin, which took first prize with its lighting plan for 1,000 luminaires that saved 63 percent in energy costs; Lyon, France with its illumination of the Lycée St. Just that dominates the city landscape and received 2nd place by employing solar panels to provide one-third of the energy required to illuminate the building; and Westminster, England, which captured the 3rd prize for its restoration of the Westbourne Green residential area while reducing energy by 60 percent.

Last year, the jury honored Budapest, Hungary with 1st prize for lighting its historic Liberty Bridge with LEDs. Second prize went to Geneva, Switzerland for initiating the development of a specific LED lamp for relighting the urban shores of Lake Geneva and by replacing one-fifth of its luminaires, saving 30 percent in energy. In third place was the Dutch city of Tilburg, rewarded for lighting the Cityring by subtly combining art with functionality while cutting its energy bill by 54 percent.

Applications for the AURORALIA 2011 prize can be submitted until October 28. An entry form can be downloaded at www.auroralia.org. The three prizes are 1st prize €6000; 2nd prize €3000; and 3rd prize €1500.

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