Eye Lighting Employees Achieve Lighting Certification

Mentor, Ohio-based EYE Lighting International, a  manufacturer of lamps, luminaires, controls, and related lighting products, has announced four employees have passed the Lighting Certification Exam from the National Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Professions (NCQLP): Craig Baum, Scott Cairns, Steve Tadic and Lou Woike.

Eye Lighting Employees Achieve Lighting Certification
EYE Lighting congratulates (from left) Lou Woike, Scott Cairns, Steve Tadic,
and Craig Baum for achieving their LC.


Tom Salpietra, President and COO says, “We are very proud to now have 21 Lighting Certified employees at EYE Lighting. The LC credential demonstrates their individual knowledge and understanding for applying lighting principles and techniques successfully across several fields. These individuals help provide customized lighting solutions that meet the diverse needs of our customers from energy conservation and environmental concerns to government policies.”

EYE Lighting encourages and supports the professional development of its employees as one of its four operat principles. By enhancing their skill-set and knowledge, EYE Lighting has seen continuous improvement in customer service and productivity among employees. As the lighting industry has grown, several efforts have been established to differentiate the knowledgeable and qualified lighting practitioner.

As a result, the Lighting Certification Program was initiated by the lighting industry as well as several government agencies in 1991. The NCQLP Lighting Certification is designed to set a baseline standard covering the entire scope of the vast lighting field including safety, health, productivity, energy conservation, and effectiveness, environmental concerns, governmental policy, lighting technology and competent, knowledgeable lighting practice.

Lighting Certification is maintained by participating in ongoing professional development. A minimum of 36 credit hours earned through professional development activities must be recorded in each 3-year cycle in order to maintain certification. Industry functions, such as LightFair, SALC, and IESNA Annual Conference, offer seminars and educational presentations in which to earn lighting education credits.

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