Fanimation Initiates Campaign to Oppose Ceiling Fan Regulations

Fanimation Initiates National Campaign to Oppose Ceiling Fan Regulations: The Department of Energy (DOE) recently released a 100- plus page Framework Document asking for feedback from industry members and experts to evaluate the potential additional energy-savings requirements on ceiling fans.

Less than two months ago, founder and CEO Tom Frampton and company President Nathan Frampton attended the DOE’s public meeting on Energy Conservation Standards Framework for Ceiling Fans and Ceiling Fan Light Kits in Washington D.C. The meeting’s purpose was to discuss the DOE’s intention to impose additional energy-efficiency requirements on ceiling fans. There currently exist regulations set in place by the Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPACT 2005) on ceiling fans and ceiling fan light kits. The new framework, an outgrowth of EPACT 2005, proposes added regulations which would significantly impair the ability of ceiling fan manufacturers to produce reasonably priced, highly decorative fans. According to Tom and Nathan Frampton, placing a higher price tag on a less aesthetically pleasing design will likely escalate reliance on other cooling systems which consume more electricity. In effect, the very purpose of further regulatory measures designed to conserve energy will be defeated.

“Fans are our friends, they’re the only appliance you can buy for your home that saves energy, especially compared to the use of air conditioning, and the DOE seems to be looking past what they do,” states Nathan Frampton. The proposed efficiency standards will not only raise costs, but will also restrict design creativity. “Our fans are also aesthetic-they showcase form and function-and we would prefer to keep our blades more appealing,” he explains. As a solution, Fanimation proposes more resources be expended by the DOE to educate the public on cost and energy saving benefits arising from the proper use of ceiling fans.

Fanimation has begun a nationwide awareness campaign to oppose further regulation. The mission of the campaign is to inform the general public that ceiling fans are inherently energy-saving products. Fanimation encourages members of the public to get involved by commenting on the proposed regulation before the deadline on June 14. Fanimation also implores members of the public to contact their elected officials to help bring this issue to the surface. Members of the lighting industry – retailers, reps, fellow manufacturers, and the public at large are invited to join n this collaborative effort.

To highlight the benefits of ceiling fan usage, Fanimation is initiating the first annual National Ceiling Fan Day on September 18. The purpose of which is to educate consumers about the energy and cost saving benefits of using ceiling fans. On the designated National Ceiling Fan Day, Fanimation is requesting Americans to depend solely on fans for their cooling needs. The Framptons calculate that doing so would save over three trillion kilowatts hours of energy consumption.


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