Fanimation Launches Urbanjet Line With Festive Party

Classic car aficionados and vintage-style lovers in the Indianapolis area rejoiced at the opportunity to blend their passions during a launch party for the Urbanjet portable fan line by Zionsville, Ind.-based ceiling fan manufacturer Fanimation. 

Held on Saturday, September 29, the event was a huge success that attracted 170+ attendees, who received a preview of the new Urbanjet retro-inspired portable fans while examining 18 classic cars ranging from a 1969 Ford Galaxie GT convertible and a 1966 Ford Thunderbird to the Triumph TR3. In addition, the Mid-Hoosier Model A Club made a special appearance at the start of the party with nine beautifully restored Ford Model A cars. The event drew such a large crowd that two vintage car owners who were just driving by decided to stop and display their 1958 Cadillac Sedan de Ville and 1954 Ford F100 pickup truck.

Fanimation also had a variety of fun-filled activities planned for its guests. Tom Frampton, the company’s founder and CEO, gave tours of the Antique Fan Collectors Association Antique Fan Museum, which is open to the public year-round and adjacent to the company’s headquarters. Nathan Frampton, Fanimation’s President, conducted a random drawing for five Urbanjet fans. The festivities were catered by Edwards Drive-In Dashboard Diner food truck, which offered breaded tenderloin sandwiches, fried pickles, root beer, and other diner-style delicacies. Kids, and a few adventurous adults, took advantage of the face-painting booth.

“The Urbanjet release party was Fanimation’s first real event that focused on the local community,” notes Nathan Frampton. “While we are an international organization, we think it’s important to stay connected on the local level. It was inspiring to see so many familiar and new faces. Don’t be surprised if we have a bigger party next year!”

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