Ferguson Bolsters Product Mix by Acquiring RP Lighting + Fans

In a move to bolster its proposition to multi-family specialty electrical distributors and expand its lighting and fan offering more exclusively, Newport News, Va.-based Ferguson Enterprises, LLC (the U.S. operating subsidiary of Ferguson plc) has acquired Albuquerque, N.M.-based Royal Pacific Limited (RP Lighting + Fans).

TM Capital served as the exclusive financial advisor to Royal Pacific Limited, a portfolio company of Fulton Capital and Midwest Mezzanine Funds, in its sale to Ferguson Enterprises.

RP Lighting + Fans is a leading wholesale specialty distributor of ceiling fans and lighting fixtures to the multi-family housing market, as well as to the adjacent commercial and residential markets. It has an entrenched base of specialty electrical distributors, general building products distributors, plus national and regional distributors offering a wide array of ceiling fans, recessed, decorative and other lighting fixtures and wiring devices.

Ferguson is a leading distributor of residential and commercial plumbing, HVAC/R, industrial and waterworks products with more than 1,600 locations.


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