FormaLighting Announces Launch of New U.S. Operations

FormaLighting, based in Milan, has expanded its operations to North America. A global manufacturer of Italian-designed architectural lighting systems and solutions, FormaLighting also has locations in Hong Kong, China, and the UK.

Led by Managing Director Peter Augusta, the U.S. headquarters, located in Alpharetta, Ga., offers the architectural lighting market an accessible, high-quality, competitive range of European-designed and engineered products with CE, CCC, and UL certifications. The North American catalog also features the award-winning motorized line Motolux. The series of track, pendant, and recessed fixtures reportedly quickly and easily re-configure a space to meet the demanding requirements of end users such as retailers, auto dealerships, hotels, restaurants, casinos, museums, and more. The motorized fixtures can pan, tilt, dim, and change temperature on command, eliminating the need for ladders and scissor lifts that are normally required to adjust and refocus lighting.

“FormaLighting is excited to expand our international presence to North America,” says Lorenzo Maghnagi, Chairman of FormaLighting. “Over the past few years, we have significantly improved the performance and versatility of our international offering in the architectural lighting business. We have established a strong management team and innovation pipeline in the U.S. that can help grow our business, serve more customers, and increase our presence and scale as a leading international company.”

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