GE Lights Key Venues for the London Olympics

GE, a worldwide partner of the Olympic Games, has worked closely with host countries, cities, and organizing committees to provide infrastructure solutions for Olympic Games venues, health centers, and surrounding commercial buildings since 2006. The technology supports the organizing committees’ goals of building sustainable Olympic Games that improve the host city and provide state-of-the-art healthcare for Olympic athletes. “GE partners closely with host cities to deliver a variety of critical healthcare, energy, power, water, lighting and transportation solutions for the Olympic Games,” says Jeff Immelt, chairman and CEO of GE. “Hosting the Games is a transformational opportunity for every city and we are committed to work with the IOC and local Organizing Committees in Russia, Brazil, and Korea to deliver advanced infrastructure solutions to help create a sustainable Olympic legacy for future generations.” The most famous lighting installation is London’s iconic Tower Bridge, which GE equipped with a new state of-the-art lighting system that is designed to enhance architectural features and replace static lights with bulbs that can vary in intensity and color, while at the same time cutting energy consumption. The historic bridge also features giant suspended Olympic Rings and Paralympic Agitos during all 45 days of the Games. GE will be illuminating the rings with its EF2000 fixtures, as well as smaller versions in Belfast, Edinburgh, and Cardiff that use LED floodlights. GE is working in conjunction with all of the major city councils to ensure that the installations can be reused after the Olympic Games come to a close. Additional installations for the Olympic Games include: Olympic Stadium: GE Lighting has supplied 14,000 lamps for the 80,000-seat stadium and GE Energy’s Uninterruptible Power Supplies and large, containerized switch gear will support the ceremonies and track and field events. Along with the Stadium, GE’s temporary switchgear solution is being supplied to 17 other Olympic venues. Olympic Village: During the Olympic and Paralympic Games, a total of 23,000 athletes and officials will reside in the Olympic Village. GE Digital Energy is supplying smart meters to the residents with information about their energy use to help control energy consumption and lower the village’s carbon footprint. Olympic Park: GE Lighting supplied 25,000 Tetra PowerMAX LED modules and the requisite number of Tetra LED Drivers to light the Olympic Park at night. More than 200 GE Healthcare AED defibrillators will be available on the Park and other venues to protect athletes and the public. Field Hockey Centre: GE Lighting is supplying the architectural lighting scheme for the Olympic Hockey Centre which will have a capacity of 15,000 fans. Hockey Arena: An extremely powerful architectural floodlight, the Euroflood 2000, has been designed with an integrated ballast compartment for HPS and Metal Halide (MH) lamps up to 600 watts. Streetlights: GE Lighting has supplied its Odyssey luminaires and CMH Streetwise lamps to ensure the highest levels of security within the main visitor areas in the Olympic Parks. Studio Lux: Jewel in the Desert