Going to ALA Conference? New Program Pays for Great Ideas

Larry Sayah Industry Forum

For the first time ever, the American Lighting Association (ALA) will host the Larry Sayah Innovation Forum during the 2015 ALA Annual Conference, held October 1-3 in Huntington Beach, California

Sponsored by the ALA Charitable Endowment Fund, the forum celebrates the innovative ideas that lighting professionals are utilizing in their businesses to both advance the residential lighting industry as a whole plus increase the sale of lighting products.

ALA is seeking participants who have not only developed and implemented new ideas in their own businesses, but have taken these ideas to fruition, thereby experiencing the impact a truly innovative idea can have.

Interested ALA members are encouraged to fill out either the online or downloadable application to participate in the Larry Sayah Innovation Forum.  The applicants who are chosen will be asked to share their ideas and successes in an 8- to 12-minute PowerPoint or other multimedia presentation during the Larry Sayah Innovation Forum at the 2015 ALA Annual Conference. Each of the chosen applicants will also receive $1,000 cash for their time and effort.

The presenter with the most innovative idea – as chosen by the Forum attendees through the ALA Conference App – will receive an extra $2,500, bringing their total to $3,500.

Applications are due no later than close of business on Friday, Aug. 7.

If you are wondering what defines an “innovative idea,” here are some examples:

  1. We have all heard of the phenomenon that is lighting and health. There are seminars, Web sites, and publications devoted to explaining this theory, but how can lighting professionals implement these ideas into their business to impact sales?
  1. Social media is on the tip of everyone’s tongues, but what does it really mean to use social media as an effective marketing tool to drive sales?
  1. Smart homes and fully automated lighting systems are becoming increasingly popular, but how can you take this idea – which once seemed a thing of the future – and turn it into something your customers ask for? What tools do you need to successfully introduce such a new technology to the masses and positively impact sales?
  1. A happy, knowledgeable sales team is a successful sales team. Is your company doing something innovative to train or create a culture of happy, smart and successful employees?

Here is a link to the application online: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1BG099WNx0UN00_HFT6HEiFWHaS1tarLHGTOCyeuts3M/viewform


One thought on “Going to ALA Conference? New Program Pays for Great Ideas

  1. Absolutely love the Larry Sayah Innovation Forum that will take place during ALA’s conference. This is a great idea with the ability of far-reaching results. Great initiative!!!

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