Hazz Design Presents GenderBlending Seminar at Las Vegas Market

Orange County, Calif.-based Hazz Design Co-Principals Tracy and Tom Hazzard will present their signature GenderBlending™ design philosophy at Las Vegas Market on Tuesday, July 31 at 10:00 a.m.

The one-hour session will be held in the World Forum at Market Center Las Vegas. The couple’s GenderBlending philosophy, honed over two decades of product and furniture design work, addresses the dominance of women buyers of products used by both genders (women influence or make up to 80 percent of furniture and consumer goods purchases in the United States).

“Designing for both genders doesn’t mean slapping on a coat of pink paint to attract women, but alienating men,” says Tom Hazzard. Rather, GenderBlending reflects a complex dance of innovation, aesthetics, human psychology, market research, and manufacturing expertise. “Understanding how both genders think and act as buyers and users – along with marrying multiple valued features – makes our products more universally successful without veering into gender neutrality,” states Hazzard.

The couple’s seminar will demonstrate how tailoring product and interior design for both men and women – in addition to incorporating buying trend data with their designs –  yields better outcomes. Tracy and Tom’s own experiences, supplemented with case studies of design triumphs and fiascos, create an interactive, informative, and entertaining presentation.

“Women today expect more from products and know they have the buying clout to demand better design, better features, and better functionality. As designers, it’s our job to act as discriminating champions on their behalf with our clients. In the end, both clients and male consumers win because of the effectiveness of GenderBlending,” says Tracy Hazzard.

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