IMC announces Leasing Changes

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International Market Centers announces Leasing Changes

International Market Centers (IMC) has announced that two veteran leasing agents –Ron Radin and Holly Allred – will assume new roles for the company. Intended to establish cross-campus and cross-category competencies, Radin takes on responsibility for furniture leasing for the International Home Furnishings Center (IHFC) property in High Point, N.C.; Allred will be responsible for general home décor leasing in Las Vegas across buildings A, B, and C.  In their new roles, Allred and Radin will report to Lee Hershberg, VP/Home Décor and Julie Messner, Senior VP/Furniture Leasing, respectively.

“For many years, Both Holly and Ron have and consistently demonstrated their ability to maintain tenancy and attract companies of a high caliber,” says Scott Eckman, Executive VP/Marketing & Furniture Leasing for IMC.  “It’s a testament to IMC’s commitment to our employees, maximizing each of their distinct leasing strengths to better serve our customers – our primary goal.”

“We are always looking at ways to improve collaboration across cities and properties,” adds Dorothy Belshaw, President of Gift and Home Décor. “This is a great first step and will create cross-campus inventory knowledge and expertise, which enables us to more effectively ensure that our tenants are positioned where they can be most successful.” 

Allred has been with IMC for more than 7 years, with responsibility for leasing activity in the company’s Showplace property in High Point for the majority of her tenure. Throughout his 6 years at IMC, Radin has managed general home décor tenancy in Las Vegas across buildings A, B, and C. Both Allred and Radin grew occupancy to 95 percent and enriched the assortment of resources in Showplace and in buildings A, B and C, respectively.

Allred will still be based in High Point and Radin in Las Vegas, but each will travel, as needed, to familiarize themselves with inventory, connect with teammates and meet with customers.

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