In Memoriam: Brent Fields

Brent Fields, Senior Vice President at Hudson Valley Lighting Group (HVLG), passed away in July at the age of 53. Fields was a critical member of HVLG’s management for the last 34 years, and is remembered as a friend, husband, father, brother, and above all else, an amazing person that the company was fortunate to know. Fields studied at Nassau Community College and spent most of his career at HVLG.

“Brent was a cornerstone of this company for decades and helped it grow into what it is today,” said David Littman, founder and CEO of HVLG. “I think I speak for all of [HVLG] when I say, it’s hard to imagine this place without Brent, but I know Brent’s memory and spirit will live on with this company and each of us.”

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