Kaiser Electric Announces the Acquisition of Marchi Electric

Kaiser Electric of Fenton, Mo. has announced the acquisition of Marchi Electric a commercial electrical contractor. Kaiser owner Leo Marchi becomes Project manager.

Fenton, Mo.-based Kaiser Electric has acquired Marchi Electric, which is located in the same city.  Marchi Electric owner Leo Marchi has closed shop after 13 years in business and was hired by Kaiser Electric as a project manager, along with two of his electricians.

Marchi Electric was focused primarily on light commercial work such as doctors offices, daycare centers, restaurants, and shopping malls. Leo Marchi says he is excited to be working with Kaiser Electric where he has the opportunity to take on the larger projects that he had been turning down at Marchi Electric due to a lack of resources.

“I have personally known Leo for more than 30 years and I know the quality of work that he and his electricians are capable of,” notes Kaiser Electric President Steve Giacin. ” Giving him an opportunity to grow with Kaiser and gain experience working on the
large, high-profile commercial projects that he has always wanted to perform, is good for him and for Kaiser in the long run.”

Prior to starting his own business, Marchi was employed as an electrician for 15 years and earned a degree in Industrial Electronics from Meramec Community College.

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