Light + Building 2018 trains its sights on safety and security technology

The great expertise of the house and building automation product segments is to be brought together with power-led safety and security technology in Hall 9.1 for the first time at Light + Building 2018. This will create a focal point, a centre for integrated building-services technology, which offers visitors a complete overview of the entire spectrum of house and building automation, as well as electric safety and security technology. Enriching the new location will be a special show entitled ‘SECURE! Connected Security in Buildings’ and the Intersec Forum, which will be held concurrently with the fair on two days.

Thanks to its interdisciplinary system technology, house and building automation is setting future-oriented standards and plays a leading role – in the market and at Light + Building. Building automation systems control, regulate and measure all important components and plant, and interlink all technical systems of a building. As an integrating element of building-services technology, these systems also have a key function of great significance with respect to energy-efficient building operation and modernisation. In turn, building safety and security is an important aspect of smart building-services technology in both the commercial and residential sectors. Increasingly, safety and security systems are being integrated with other aspects of building-services technology. Light + Building reflects this development by spotlighting integrated building-services technology, especially electric safety and security technology and building automation, as part of the concept embracing both energy and water.

To supplement the products and services being shown by the exhibitors, a special show entitled ‘SECURE! Connected Security in Buildings’ will be held at the coming Light + Building. It will give visitors insights into how innovative technical solutions can make a building more economically efficient and take account of the individual users’ needs. In distinction to the exhibitors’ presentations, the special show will take three specific applications (hotel – office – industry) and blend all aspects from the point of view of security and user interfaces.

Illustrated by a variety of future-oriented technologies, SECURE! will show the opportunities and potential applications offered by increasing digitalisation in the field of building-automation technology. To this end, various sub-systems will be linked together to demonstrate the inter-operability of the technologies in live operation.

The special exhibition will take the form of a spacious entrance area and welcome visitors to Hall 9.1. Via an information area, visitors move to the activity area where they can see live technological demonstrations. Further into the hall, the exhibitors’ stands will give visitors the chance to find out about the individual products and solutions in detail. The combination of exhibitors, products and special exhibition will give visitors a comprehensive overview of the fields of house and building automation, as well as power-led safety and security technology.

Sketch of the SECURE! special show (Download:

Held concurrently with Light + Building, the next Intersec Forum will take place on 20 and 21 March 2018. Intersec Forum is the conference for topical issues relating to networked safety and security technology in buildings which, against the background of increasing digitalisation, makes it an unrivalled forum for the future. In this constellation, the complete spectrum of safety and security technology will be brought together and offered in compact form for both conference participants and visitors to Light + Building 2018.

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