Lighting Experts Reveal Future Of Lighting On Televised Panel

“What will the world of lighting look like 25 years from now? How will we get there from here? What milestones will we reach along the way?” Those are the overarching questions members of the National Lighting Bureau board of directors addressed in a unique, insightful two-part panel discussion produced by Randy Reid for  EdisonReport.TV. Link to it at the National Lighting Bureau website: Some of the questions panelists answered include:

  • Will the government continue to exert market impacts by ending reliance on inefficient light sources?
  • Which lighting sources will fall by the wayside?
  • Will existing metrics remain applicable?
  • How will today’s business model change going forward?
  • How will consumers make effective choices given the growing number of options facing them?
  • Will lighting-system programming replace lighting maintenance as a key service provided by lighting-management companies?
  • How will digitally addressable lighting fixtures and wireless controls affect the marketplace?
  • Will the light-health connection become more or less pronounced?
  • Given the lighting industry’s extraordinary pace of development, can standards keep pace?

The National Lighting Bureau panelists are: Douglass M. Baillie (NEMA enLIGHTen America Task Force);  Robert W. Colgan, Jr. (Executive Director, Market Development, National Electrical Contractors Association); Mike Colotti (VP/Communication and Government Affairs, Osram Sylvania); Mary Beth Gotti (Manager/Lighting & Electrical Institute, GE Lighting);  Larry Leetzow, President, Magnaray International division, World Institute of Lighting and Development Corporation); Howard P. Lewis (Founder & CTO, Lighting Alternatives, Inc., and the IESNA’s representative on the NLB board); Cary S. Mendelsohn (CEO, Imperial Lighting Maintenance Company, and the interNational Association of Lighting Management Companies’ representative on the NLB board);  and James M. Yorgey, P.E., L.C. (Technical Applications Manager, Lutron Electronics Company, Inc.). Established in 1976, the National Lighting Bureau is an independent, not-for-profit, educational foundation that has served as a trusted lighting-information source since 1976.

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