Lighting Showroom Association Offers AR Platform to Members

After months in development, the Lighting Showroom Association (LSA) has officially rolled out an innovative benefit that brings Augmented Reality (AR) and 3D capabilities to its membership thanks to a partnership with LEVAR, a leading provider of AR and 3D “View in your space” technologies. Through the LSA Augmented Reality program, LEVAR provides LSA member showrooms and manufacturers with the ability to quickly and easily add immersive AR and 3D technology to their eCommerce and in-store shopping experiences.

LEVAR’s high fidelity and exact-to-scale AR models are designed to answer the “How will this look/fit/feel in my home” question, making customers feel more confident in their product selection and shortening the decision process.

“Lighting is a unique and personal experience for shoppers. It is also challenging [for them] to envision a fixture without seeing it in the correct space,” said Lisa Bartlett, Director of the LSA. “LEVAR has solved for that with genuinely life-like 3D and AR lighting models that our manufacturers and showrooms can use to help drive higher conversion rates, reduce costly returns, and provide a better customer experience.”

The LSA Augmented Reality program provides independent showrooms and manufacturers with the valuable technology they need to compete with the big box stores and continue to be the best place for contractors, architects, and consumers to learn and shop for lighting and fans.

“We’re thrilled to be launching this program with LSA,” said Tre Lucas, CEO and Co-Founder of LEVAR. “We know that AR experiences are not only transformative for retailers – improving sales, increasing average order value and time-on-site or in-store – but also for shoppers. LSA is leading the lighting industry in offering this technology to its members.”

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