Lighting Software and Point of Sale System Unite to Benefit Showrooms

Windward Software, the creators of Windward System Five POS system and XOLogic, the developers of XOLights suite of showroom tools, are pleased to announce the upcoming release (Q1-2013) of a robust, new integration that syncs data between the two systems. This will allow XOLights to send key information to a client’s Windward Software solution, such as sales orders and product catalog data. Especially exciting will be Windward Software’s ability to transfer showrooms’ inventory levels directly into XOLights. They feel this integration will simplify showroom life and free up personnel to focus on clients.

Kevin Schilter, Windward Software’s Director of Sales & Marketing says, “We are looking forward to helping our lighting showrooms drive sales and become more efficient with XOLights online web technology. “By integrating with Windward Software’s solutions, we are providing an end to end solution for any owner wanting to leverage their showroom online.”

XOLights CEO, Jason Petersen, has high hopes for the affect the integration will have. “It’s really fulfilling to see tighter integrations like this come together, because ultimately it makes things better for showrooms, and I am a believer that lighting showrooms are the key to this industry not becoming a commodity industry.”

While XOLights and Windward Software have integrated in the past, this latest integration introduces new functionality and will improve on the efficiency of the older version. This tool will put information into the hands of people who need it most, whether it is a salesperson needing to know the showroom’s stock levels, or the bookkeeper managing work orders.

“Using XOLights’ cutting edge technology, we are now entering the realm of a true full-suite system that will take the showroom industry to the next level,” says Nathan Hatfield, XOLights Client Services Executive. “As someone who consults with showroom managers on a daily basis, I have seen these integrations greatly expedite the fulfillment process, freeing up the managers’ time to focus on the things that really matter.”

Both companies are pleased with how smoothly the programming of the integration has gone.  Petersen says, “Windward Software has been in this industry for a long time and I appreciated the energy that I found as they have worked to integrate more deeply with XOLights. I sincerely enjoy working with people that are innovators and who are excited about the future for lighting showrooms and the Windward Software team really seems to have that ‘spark’.”

Schilter shares a similar enthusiasm. “It has been great working with Jason Petersen and his team at XOlights. Together we are helping lighting showrooms grow their sales and efficiently order and deliver fixtures to their customers that are using Windward Software, without the hassles of retyping any information or selling with incorrect fixture information.”

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