NY NOW Launches Lifestyle Platform

A new platform at NY NOW called Luxury Lifestyle will address the rise of lifestyle retailing. This showcase will feature a curation of lifestyle products, including elevated jewelry collections, distinctive gifts and décor, and accessories, and will run February 2-5.

The debut of Luxury Lifestyle will feature companies such as Dana Kellin, Kinross Cashmere, LARQ, Lord Jones, Mizuki, Nest Fragrances, Polly Wales Fine Jewelry, TATINE, and VIVO.

“Consumers on average are earning more, and as a result the retail landscape is experiencing a rise in demand for luxury goods, specifically those that allow for expression of personal style,” says Melissa M. Engongoro, Event Director, LIFESTYLE. “We’ve carefully curated a collection of designers who will excite retailers with their unique points of view, innovative designs and luxurious styles, in a setting that will help retailers evolve and engage creatively with these buyers in their stores.” 

Luxury Lifestyle will have adjacency with Accent on Design and Wellness to provide a seamless and efficient buying experience across the newest innovations and trending designs.

“I have the amazing role of curating the companies, designers, and products for Luxury Lifestyle,” says Laura Brown Lyden, Curator, Luxury Lifestyle. “My goal is to create an elevated experience for discerning exhibitors and lifestyle retailers to come together in one space. There, they can identify new opportunities and grow their businesses together in a like-minded community. We look forward to continuing to enhance the Lifestyle Luxury experience beyond its inaugural launch.”

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