Philips Disney Imaginative Lighting

Philips Disney Imaginative Lighting: Philips has combined its expertise in lighting with Disney’s beloved characters in a new product line.  The Philips Disney portfolio allows children and parents to connect e-books with their lighting to interactively create a magical lighting experience that makes reading more fun and enables families to become fully immersed in the story. The product range also includes “Light that comforts” — such as nightlights that emit a gentle glow — to products designed to help promote a regular sleep pattern by letting children know when it’s time to get up. “With innovation and inspiration at its core, this collaboration fuses Disney’s unrivaled ability to create characters and stories that spark the imagination of children of all ages with our lighting innovation leadership. Together, we will deliver an exciting portfolio of advanced and interactive lighting solutions that the whole family can enjoy,” commented Eric Rondolat, CEO of Philips Lighting. “It is our ambition to become the category leader known for bringing digital and immersive lighting experiences to the children’s bedroom.” Simon Philips, Executive Vice President & General Manager of Disney Consumer Products at The Walt Disney Company EMEA adds: “This product range is a perfect illustration of how Disney storytelling can extend into children’s bedrooms through an innovative and compelling consumer product offering.  We are proud to work with Philips to help create positive and comforting reading and bedtime environments for families.”

Philips Disney Imaginative Lighting range includes: •       StoryLight and Mickey starter kit – Mickey Mouse-shaped light cleverly synchronizes colored light with classic Disney stories read through an interactive e-book on an iPad. The product can also be managed by the Philips hue app •       SleepTime and Mickey &Minnie Mouse — bedside table lamps that add a little Disney magic to a child’s bedtime routine •       SoftPals and Sulley and Mike from Monsters Inc., classic Mickey and Minnie Mouse — these soothe children to sleep before waking them up gently •       LED Candles and Princess, Minnie and Mickey Mouse – these emit a warm glow that emulates the softness and flicker of real candle flames, creating a relaxed diffused light which adds a hint of magic to play time •      LivingColors Micro lamps and Cars, Planes, Princess and Ariel — with 64 colors to choose from, they can transform almost any imagined playground •       LivingColors Mini and Mickey &Minnie Mouse will change a child’s room to create a fun magical or soothing ambiance

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