Philips Named ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year

philips lighting energystar partner of the year 2013

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has singled out Philips Lighting for the top annual honor in the Product Manufacturer category for its contributions to protecting the environment through superior energy efficiency. In 2012, Philips released 269 ENERGY STAR-qualified products, an increase of 84 percent over 2011. Out of that total, 88 were new LED products –  including the first LED equivalent for the 75-watt incandescent bulb.

Philips was also recognized for its educational efforts in teaching consumers and commercial partners the value of ENERGY STAR programs, including training nearly 1,200 distributors and 650 U.S.-based employees. The company also launched several campaigns in conjunction with the EPA to help educate retail and commercial consumers of the tangible value of ENERGY STAR-qualified products in corporate sustainability efforts and their positive environmental impact.

“As an ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year, Philips has not only demonstrated its commitment to delivering a quality product and helping consumers lower their energy costs, the company is dedicated to educating the public on the value of ENERGY STAR-qualified products,” says Anne Bailey, ENERGY STAR’s Products Branch Chief at the EPA. “Philips has partnered with NSTAR, National Grid, and Western Massachusetts Electric Company to provide 65,000 students at more than 40 universities with LED equivalents for the 60-watt incandescent watt bulb, which is estimated to result in 59,000,000 lifetime kWh savings and 40,000 metric tons of CO2 reduced. By driving awareness through social media and pledges, Philips has also been able to deliver real efforts with real results.”

The ENERGY STAR Awards celebrate energy efficiency and climate protection accomplishments across the areas of energy management, new home construction, energy-efficiency program delivery, product manufacturers and retailers, plus service and product providers. Each ENERGY STAR Award winner is chosen from a vast network of nearly 20,000 ENERGY STAR partners, and their achievements demonstrate that improving energy efficiency is one of the fastest and most effective ways to prevent pollution, save money, and create jobs.

“Philips brings products to market that have meaningful innovation and a real impact on people’s lives, and we believe LED lighting not only redefines the art of what is possible, as demonstrated by the Empire State Building project and the Philips hue platform, but it can also have an enormous impact on our environmental footprint,” states Bruno Biasiotta, CEO and President of Philips Lighting Americas. “The ENERGY STAR program gives customers validation that our LED products live up to their claims while surpassing the milestones of traditional technologies by using 85-percent less energy and lasting up to 25 times longer without sacrificing light quality. In fact, LED technology positions our customers for the future by giving them better control over their lighting, a better view into their energy usage, and integration with other systems, which allows them to further reduce their consumption and environmental footprint.”

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