SWITCH Lighting Receives ENERGY STAR Certification

The SWITCH100, from San Jose, Calif.-based SWITCH Lighting, is now ENERGY STAR-certified, making it eligible for price rebates offered by utility companies nationwide. The SWITCH100 is a 100 watt-equivalent LED replacement A-lamp.

“Homeowners and commercial building customers are quickly recognizing the importance of using ENERGY STAR-certified appliances in their homes and other commercial properties,” says EC Sykes, CEO of SWITCH. “The ENERGY STAR name represents quality, reliability and efficiency, and we’re honored that the SWITCH100 meets the ENERGY STAR Standard A-Lamp qualifications.”

According to ENERGY STAR, certified bulbs can save more than $40 over their lifetime and use about 75% less energy than a traditional incandescent bulb. ENERGY STAR-certified bulbs produce at least 75% less heat, so they are safer to operate.

The SWITCH100 is among the first 100 watt-equivalent LED A-lamps available to commercial and consumer customers. With its 4000K color temperature and 1600 lumen output, the SWITCH100 provides the same level of performance as the now obsolete 100-watt incandescent A-Lamps, at a fraction of the energy consumption at 20 watts.

SWITCH LED A-Lamps can be used in any orientation, any fixture, and any location. They fit into standard light sockets, are dimmable, and can be used in the same manner as any incandescent or compact fluorescent light bulb.

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