Tom McClellan Joins PLANLED

PLANLED, a Washington-based LED lighting solutions company, has hired lighting veteran Tom McClellan as Senior Business Development Manager.

“Tom’s extensive background in all phases of LED lighting makes him a natural choice to help advance PLANLED’s innovative leadership in the industry,” says PLANLED CEO John Hwang. “Tom’s sterling character and reputation fit the PLANLED culture of quality in its people and products.”

For the past 25 years, McClellan has worked in the lighting and electrical industry as an electrical contractor, lighting designer, and developer/manufacturer of LED fixtures. He has written several patents for LED lighting and is focused on integrating LED lighting into the industry to benefit customers and companies while helping the environment.

“I have carefully researched the PLANLED line of products and found them to be solid performers with outstanding support from their manufacturers,” adds McClellan, “I am proud to present this line to my valued customers.”

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