Toshiba Partners With Affiliated Distributors

Toshiba Partners With Affiliated Distributors

Toshiba Partners With Affiliated Distributors : Toshiba International Corp. (TIC) has entered into a strategic alliance with Affiliated Distributors (AD), a 32-year-old company comprised of independent distributors and manufacturers of construction and industrial products. The TIC product groups included in this new agreement with AD are: LED Lighting Systems, Low Voltage Electric Motors, Low Voltage Adjustable Speed Drives, and Uninterruptible Power Systems.

AD provides independent distributors and manufacturers with support and resources that accelerate growth.  In June 2012, AD’s US Electrical Division Supplier Board convened a task force to evaluate the current environment of the LED and lighting markets, reviewing innovation, strategic product direction, go-to-market strategy, overall volume, and penetration of the market.

After in-depth evaluation and supplier visits, TIC was selected as a new member of the US Electrical Division Supplier community with a rating of 10 stars.  Toshiba’s membership is retroactive to January 1, 2013.

“Toshiba LED Lighting’s overarching goal is to be seen as a market leader in every respect, from product quality and innovation to customer care. Coupled with the historic successes of TIC’s Industrial division, we wanted to provide AD with TIC’s entire product offering,” notes Mark Altomare, VP/Business Development for the Toshiba LED Lighting Systems division.  “We’re very pleased to be included into AD’s prestigious community of distributors and manufacturers.”

AD selects its members based on overall sales volume through the group, product innovation, and breadth of line and go-to-market strategies.

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