Tuya Smart AIoT Platform Company Launches U.S. Sales, R&D Office; Makes Household Devices Smart and Ready for Production in Days

Tuya Smart

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]uya Smart, a global AI/IoT platform company based in China, is expanding its business with the opening of a U.S. sales and R&D office in Silicon Valley. The company is bringing its one-stop shop solution to device manufacturers, so any standard device can be transformed into a smart one and ready for production in less than two weeks. Currently working with more than 10,000 customers around the world, Tuya Smart is already providing smart modules, smartphone app templates, and access to the Tuya cloud, using Alibaba or Amazon AWS, to brands like Geeni, Energize, Feit Electric, Philips and TCL.

“We are very excited to help U.S. companies build IoT solutions effortlessly using our cloud, app, and WiFi module,” says Alex Yang, head of the U.S. office, Tuya Smart. “We have created technology that can produce any type of smart device: from power accessories to lighting, to your household appliances like a heater or air conditioner, to your kitchen appliances. We understand the consumer demand for smart products, and our platform enables any manufacturer to make one effortlessly.”

Transforming the Market

The ease of development saves companies significant R&D costs and speeds the products to market to meet consumer demand. The Tuya Smart process is so fast that the controlling app can be built in a few minutes, the module developed and installed in one day, and production is ready in two weeks. The Tuya Smart IoT platform is the only one that connects Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple Homekit and Tmall on a global scale, and Tuya has the fastest response time to an app or Echo’s voice commands of any cloud platform.

The company has deep engineering roots with its founders being a part of the original Ali Cloud core team, including CEO Jerry Wang who was the first general manager of the Ali Cloud. Also part of the Tuya team (and coming from Ali Cloud) are co-founder Leo Chen, former operating director of Ali Cloud, as well as COO and head of the U.S. office, Alex Yang, who was an executive there.

These founders worked on the projects that developed into Alipay, giving them extensive understanding of user experiences.

Since its founding in 2014, Tuya Smart has developed its AIoT platform and is selling its technology in devices in more than 200 countries. Although the Silicon Valley office is new, Tuya already has a datacenter in Portland, Ore., joining Tuya’s other datacenters in China and Frankfurt. The company is also working with major American retailers including Costco and Walmart, providing them with a smart product library of thousands of products.

Currently attending the LIGHTFAIR Conference in Chicago, Tuya Smart is already the AIoT platform for many traditional lighting companies, including the Massachusetts-based Atlantic Lighting. “Tuya Smart is transforming standard lights to AI-powered products with high efficiency, helping manufacturers reap the benefits without having to make their own investments in IoT R&D,” said Jerry Wang, CEO, Tuya Smart.

The smart lighting solutions running on the Tuya platform can work with a variety of networking modes including WiFi, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Mesh, ZigBee and more. At the Tuya booth at LIGHTFAIR (Booth 631) the company will showcase smart lights whose brightness, color and temperature can be adjusted and controlled by app or by voice.

“We are very excited to be showing our AI platform running a range of intelligent lighting solutions,” Mr. Wang continued. “With easy-to-adopt and cost-efficient smart business solutions, traditional lighting manufacturers can transform themselves into makers of smart home appliances. We look forward to working with more companies here in the U.S. to help create more smart appliances to make lives easier for consumers.”