WAC and Big Ass Fans Reach a Cross-Licensing Deal Regarding Germicidal Fan Technology

WAC and Delta T, LLC (dba Big Ass Fans) have entered a cross-licensing agreement that covers patents and patent applications involving germicidal fan technology.  Under the agreement, BAF became a licensee to WAC’s issued U.S. Patent Nos. 11,400,177, 11,433,154, 11,612,670, 11,696,970, and WAC became a licensee to BAF’s issued U.S. Patent No. 11,674,521.

 During the pandemic, WAC rushed to develop germicidal fan technology to help home and business owners disinfect their spaces with powerful fans equipped with UV-C LED modules that dramatically reduced airborne viruses (up to 99.99% of active SAR-COV-2 and 99.77% of Influenza A, based on tests conducted by an independent CAP and CLIA accredited lab).  Modern Forms Ultra fan and WAC Terminator fan utilize WAC’s patented germicidal technology.

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