WILD Creates National Board of Directors

Women in Lighting + Design (WILD), a female leadership organization in the architectural and residential lighting communities, has officially established a National Board of Directors. Over the past 30 years, the group has grown from grassroots casual meetings at trade shows to forming chapters nationwide in prominent cities and counting 1,000+ members among its ranks.

The National Board of Directors will work with the existing National Chapter Committee (which consists of a representative from each Chapter) to establish a framework for supporting current Chapters, expanding outreach, and continuing to develop WILD initiatives and industry partnerships. The Board will be solely dedicated to the growth and development of WILD as a larger community.

The Board of Directors are:

President: Kelly Roberts (NYC)

Vice President: Katherine Stekr (Denver)

Secretary: Lily Knoerzer (Philadelphia)

Director-at-Large: Alessa Aguayo (NYC); Bridget Cross (Chicago); Lauren Dunn (Denver); Lois Hutchinson (Los Angeles)

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