XOLogic Offers Showrooms a Way to Instantly Find Products

New “VisualSearch” plug-in gives showrooms the power to visually match similar items from an image or URL.

Provo, Utah-based XOLogic Corp., one of the largest providers of product information and business improvement tools for lighting showrooms in North America, has launched “VisualSearch,” a new feature that understands images the same way that humans do.

This feature will help retailers quickly identify a product for a customer who has walked in with an image on their phone from Pinterest, Houzz, or other Web site. With VisualSearch, simply load the image, crop it, and click “Search.”

“Visual recognition is another key tool to help people search. Some people don’t have the ability to accurately describe certain types of lighting fixtures, but they can take a picture and quickly use VisualSearch to locate similar items. Image searching will make the entire process less frustrating for everyone; frictionless,” explains David Debusk, head of Business Development for Think Deeply, the technology partner providing the functionality to XOLogic.

VisualSearch can be accessed in two ways: by visiting the XOLogic Web site http://xologic.com/ImageSearch.html or by adding the VisualSearch plugin to an existing XOLogic-powered Web site. There are more two million images in XOLogic’s database, allowing VisualSearch to be a powerful and efficient way to quickly locate products for your customers.

To learn more about VisualSearch visit http://xologic.com/ImageSearch.html or call (866) 684-4132.

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